Ukrainians are fighting Russia not only in Ukraine.  The recording is displayed

According to what was reported by the Kyiv Post newspaper. The recordings were obtained from the source at Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine (HUR). Materials appear Ukrainian special forces And the Syrian rebels fighting against Russian mercenaries in Syria. One of the recordings is dated March 2024.

Ukrainian special forces fight the Russians in Syria

“A special unit of HUR “Khimik”, in cooperation with the Syrian opposition, attacks Russian mercenaries fighting alongside the regime The lion’s garden “In Syria,” the editing team describes the video.

He added that fighting is currently taking place in the south of the country, especially in… Golan HeightsWhere Russian forces are stationed. According to the editorial informant, since the beginning of the year, the rebels, with the support of Ukrainian agents, have carried out several attacks on Russian military installations in the region under the name “Grouping of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the Syrian Arab Republic“.

An unnamed source said, “Continuous attacks are being launched against the enemy’s checkpoints, forts, foot patrols, convoys of military vehicles, and other targets.” These attacks include the use of rocket-propelled grenades and improvised “Tarab” mortars. Their targets include, among others: Russian defensive positions, attack vehicles, and foot patrols.

What are the Russians doing in Syria?

Russian intervention in Syria It has been ongoing since 2015. Initially, its aim was to support the president’s regime The lion’s garden During the civil war, but eventually led to permanent deployment there Thousands of Russian soldiers.

See: Associated Press: Russian mercenaries fighting in Syria. “We will probably keep an eye on oil futures.”

In the fall of 2022, Moscow redirected some troops and military equipment from Syria to Ukraine, potentially increasing the exposure of its remaining forces to Ukrainian attacks in the country.

At the same time, due to their prolonged presence in the region, the Russians created a lot Local employment centersTo deploy Syrian mercenaries in Ukraine.

Russia brings in mercenaries for “cannon fodder”

As Ukrainian intelligence reported last May. Russia has significantly intensified the recruitment of mercenaries from Africa To a large-scale conflict with Ukraine. Reports indicate that since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, Karim has been engaging citizens from countries such as Nepal, Somalia, India and Cuba.

According to information from Ukrainian intelligence, African mercenaries are participating Shock soldiers By a specially created unit of the Russian Ministry of National Defense.

See: Russian mercenaries in Syria and Africa. “They earn tenfold”

“Mercenaries are lured by first-timers A bonus of $2,000 for signing the contractThey are offered a monthly allowance of $2,200. health insurance I Russian passports For them and their families,” HUR reported.

In May last year, the head of the Ukrainian intelligence service Kirilo Budanov He promised to “destroy Russian war criminals anywhere in the world, wherever they are.” According to “Kiev Post” – with the exception of Syria – Ukrainian special forces are pursuing mercenaries from… Wagner collections Th Sudan.

source: “Kyiv Post”

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