Poor memory, focus problems?  It could be the result of...coronavirus infection

Cognitive problems affecting concentration levels, along with forgetfulness and fatigue, are a feature of long-standing COVID-19 infection – an illness that affects some after the initial period of infection – but the prevalence of concentration problems after infection with the coronavirus has not been established. .

In the study, participants who had previously tested positive for coronavirus, but who did not report other normal symptoms of long-term COVID-19, were asked to perform exercises to check their memory and cognitive abilities. The researchers found that these people had significantly weaker episodic memories, that is, less recollection of personal experiences, within six months after injury. In the nine months following injury, they also had a greater decrease in their ability to maintain attention compared to uninjured individuals.

Surprisingly, although the people who contracted Covid-19 did not have any symptoms at the time of the study, they showed reduced ability to focus and memory. Our findings reveal that humans can face some chronic cognitive consequences for months

Dr Sijia Zhao, from the University of Oxford’s Department of Experimental Psychology, said:

Investigators found it In study participants, episodic memory and level of concentration largely returned to normal after six and nine months, respectively. The participants also performed well on tests of other cognitive abilities, including working memory and planning.

Stephen Burgess of the University of Cambridge’s MRC Biostatistics Unit noted that there were few people in the study – 136, and added that they were not chosen at random.

However, despite this, the differences between the Covid and non-Covid groups on several specific measures of cognitive performance highlighted in this study were staggering. Despite the limitations of non-randomized studies, it seems unlikely that these results can be explained by methodological differences between groups not associated with Covid infection.”

Burgess said.

Source: PAP, niezalezna.pl

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