Polish transit removed.  All because of the interview

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After Friday's qualifiers in Wisła, Jakub Wolny made a statement that shocked the B-Team crew. The Polish Ski Federation reacted strongly to him.

Jakob Wolny advanced from 50th to Sunday's World Cup action in Wisła. The jumper only achieved a height of 114.5 metres, but it was enough to take last place and receive a qualification bonus. After the end, Kasper Merk from Eurosport asked him about his current level, and he shocked him with his statement, attacking the technical staff of the second team.

– difficult. I try to jump as much as I can. When I get some advice from our coach, it gets worse. He talked about us brutally sometimes.

-There's a little chaos in our group. It is difficult to jump alone, because this way you can jump in the FIS Cup. It is difficult to communicate with our coaches. He added: “I am not talking about coaches from the first team, but rather from the second team.”

On Saturday, the Polish Ski Association responded firmly to Wolny's statement, emphasizing its confidence in the coaches – David Jirotyk and Radek Zedek. He was free to compete and train in the B team for the FIS Cup competition in Štčerek (3-4 February).

“The Polish Ski Federation confirms its confidence in the competencies and work of the coach of Team B in ski jumping. In view of the public statements of Jakub Wolny that undermine confidence in the work of the coach of Team B, we would like to inform you that by the decision of the “technical staff and the President of PZN, the competitor has been removed from competition and training in Team B to FIS CUP Competition in Štıcherk,” we read in the advertisement.

He added: “His status as a competitor will be maintained. He will receive training plans and work individually during this time, and while training on the mound he will be under the care of the primary coaches.”

PZN's decision also means that Wolny – despite his qualifications – will not take part in the individual competition on Sunday. We will see 49 competitors initially.

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