slag.  Fans are pissed that they didn’t wait a few hours.  Can the PGE Ekstraliga match take place?!

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On Thursday, the PGE Ekstraliga authorities decided to cancel the meeting between Stal Gorzów and GKM Grudziądz. The fans are angry and wrote that if they wait a few hours, the fans can enjoy the feelings of the highway on Friday evening.

At the start of the season, the weather does not spoil the speedway fans, which is why the fans were even more angry at the early cancellation of Friday’s match between Stal Gorzów and ZOOleszcz GKM Grudziądz, which – if you had waited a few hours for the forecast update – could, according to the fans, It takes place easily in ideal conditions.

However, the PGE Ekstraliga authorities, given the bad weather forecast in Gorzów, decided not to wait until the 20th and around the 15th announced the cancellation of Friday’s two matches. While in the case of the engagement between Betard Sparta Wrocław and Fogo Unia Leszno they were right, the cancellation of the striking engagement between Stal and GKM raises doubts because the weather forecast has changed. Let us add that the track in Gorzów was previously properly secured and covered with a tarpaulin.

Finally, it turned out that on Friday around 1:00 pm over Gorzów it was raining gently. Most importantly, from 15:00 until the night there was no rain and the temperature was around 15 degrees Celsius. These seem to be ideal conditions for motorcycling. This is what fans who do not hide their indignation think.

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Under the information about the cancellation of the meeting, more than a hundred unfavorable comments appeared on Stal’s profile. “The track was covered the day before the game, and they wrote the match was cancelled. Circus”, “Why that tarpaulin?” “,” Thank God I didn’t buy a ticket “- these are just a few comments from fans suitable for publication. But the bitterness in the environment is high, because the match promised to be very interesting, and because of the haste the fans were denied the opportunity to spend a beautiful Friday in the stadium or in front of the TV.

Many of them booked that day just to watch the competition, and the club hoped that this match would be watched live by approximately 10,000 fans. No wonder none of Stahl’s representatives asked to postpone the meeting to another date. Gorzów club activists also admitted in an interview with us that they did not participate in the decision-making process, and then accepted the will of the PGE Ekstraliga authorities. Grudziądz’s guests also did not submit a request to postpone the match.

We contacted the PGE Ekstraliga authorities about the premature decision to postpone the meeting, but they announced that they would only formally refer to the matter on Monday. However, we have learned unofficially that the early postponement of the Friday game is in line with league policy, which posits to reduce the risk of matches being canceled when fans are already in the stands. Apart from the disappointment of the fans, the cancellation of the match on the day of the match is associated with high costs that would have to be incurred anyway (around PLN 100,000).

Activists want to avoid the long wait for fans already in the stadium and the subsequent disappointment of the decision to cancel the competition. On Thursday, it was decided not to wait until the 20th, because all the predictions clearly said that the match could not be played, and no one expected that the predictions could change so dramatically on the same day. Waiting until the last minute is only appropriate when previous predictions give a small chance to play the match.

We will publish PGE Ekstraliga’s official position on this matter as soon as we receive it.

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