London.  Boris Becker, famous German tennis player sentenced to prison

The famous former German tennis player, Boris Becker, was sentenced Friday to two years and six months in prison for hiding hundreds of thousands of pounds after his bankruptcy, a London court decided. The court declared bankruptcy in June 2017.

Baker’s trial began in March of this year. The former athlete was sentenced to prison for withholding information, including banking information, that might help pay off his debts. Baker, among others he was hiding several properties and about 1.8 million pounds (2.1 million euros). He was also accused of not donating some of his Wimbledon and Australian Open titles.

The six-time Grand Slam champion has denied breaking British bankruptcy law after he went bankrupt in 2017, and was owed nearly £50m to creditors.

Baker, 54, was convicted by a jury of four counts under the insolvency law. He was acquitted of 20 charges. Judge Deborah Taylor announced that the former tennis player will spend half of the 2.5 years in prison and the other part suspended.

He accompanied Baker to Southwark Crown Court in London with his partner Lillian and son Noah.

Successes on the field

Boris Becker in 1985, at the age of 17, became the youngest singles winner of Wimbledon. He was nicknamed “Boom Boom” because of his way of playing on the court. His dynamic play and youthful enthusiasm made him a favorite among the London crowd. The German has won 49 tennis tournaments and earned more than 20 million euros during his career.

Boris BeckerHugo Philpott / UPI Photo via Newscom D

Main image source: Hugo Philpott / UPI Photo via Newscom D

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