Polish-Belarus border.  59 people tried to get from Belarus to Poland

border guards She stated on Twitter that among the foreigners arrested on Monday were citizens, among other things, Central African Republic and Ethiopia.

Thirteen citizens Iraq and Turkey – According to the border guards – I arrived at the Polish side on a pontoon Svisłocz . River. The accident took place in the section protected by the border guard post in Krinki.

The steel construction is coming to an end The dam on the border. Initially, it was supposed to end by June 30th. Work is still underway on the kilometer-long section, and the contractor has requested an extension until the end of July – she said last Saturday Border Guard spokeswoman Lieutenant Anna Michalska. By the fall, electronic protection will also be ready, that is, a system of cameras and detectors.

Stop applying at the end of June Provisions on temporary ban of residence in 183 cities Near the border with Belarus in Voivodeship Podlasky and Lublinsky; Presented jointly by migration crisis, then was also explained by the need to ensure order and security in connection with the construction of the engineering dam. They came into effect on March 2 as an extension of the previous, which was in effect from December 1, 2021 to March 1, 2022.

From July 1 to September 15, in Podlaskie – issued by voivode – Ban on approaching the Polish-Belarus border At a distance of 200 metres. The request to be entered was submitted by the commander of the border guard unit, Budlasi; The ban applies to the entire Podlaskie Voivodeship, with the exception of border sections that run on border rivers.

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