Three Michaels were dancing, or four!  Scientists have noticed an unusual arrangement of the stars

Observations over the past decades prove this Stars occur in multiple systems They are very common. Scientists are actually beginning to wonder if the existence of individual stars is not the result of an anomaly.

To find an answer to this topic, it is implemented ResearchHis goal, for example, is to find a potential companion of the Sun, which is hidden somewhere in the depths of space. It will likely be a long time before anything is discovered in this regard.

Meanwhile, in the magazine Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society Astronomers report their observations of an unusual multiple star system – TIC 470710327. They are three massive stars linked together by gravity. Two of them orbit close to each other, and their orbital periods are equal to one earths circulation around its orbitWhile the third is about this narrow pattern on the outside. This extraordinary performance has been compared to dance.

Although modern astronomy has been able to learn a lot from the triple star systems in space, this system is certainly unique. co-author of the article, Alejandro Vigna Gomez, University of Copenhagen, pay special attention to their weight. The two inner stars together are twelve times heavier than the sun, while the outer component of this system has a mass of up to sixteen suns. This has not been noticed before.

There are many doubts at the stage of considering the situations that led to the formation of such a specific star system. Vigna-Gomez in collaboration with Ben Liu – Theoretical astrophysicist from the University of Copenhagenhe analyzed scenarios for the formation of such a star system.

Among the many proposed solutions, a combination of two binary star systems forming near each other may be the most likely. Scientists speculate that the component with the mass of sixteen suns may have arisen from the merging of two smaller stars that were once a separate component. Binary system.

To assess the likelihood of such a situation occurring, scientists conducted 100,000 iterations on a PC. Their result came to confirm the assumed scenario. However, more is surely needed Observations of this system using telescopes.

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