May 28, 2023


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Polish Bastards Banned Twitch. There was so much to see and so close to the camera

Michał Gała’s channel is banned, the “pool” is broadcasting live again.

Pond streams always carry some danger. Especially when the camera is so close. Then something that is defensible and defensible if seen from a greater distance suddenly becomes grounds for prohibition.

So it was this time. This is another ban on this channel. Let us remind you that this is the only stream of this kind in Poland, where 3 girls go into the pool every day, talk to viewers, do various activities, interrogate, etc.

The numbers show that it works. Maybe because it’s the only broadcast of this kind, or maybe because of the girls. Either way, the channel is blocked and Boop usually has a reason.

Banned pool streams have been banned on Twitch

Maybe the ban is due to the moment when one of the girls is standing and you can see her very special figure.

Of course, we know that the colleague is just waiting for everything to be sent to him, so – click. It looks completely inconspicuous, but according to the regulations, clear outlines of the figures are the basis for the ban. Instead, someone reported it, because Twitch wouldn’t have picked it up on its own. At the same time, this is one of the clips that disappeared from the channel. The rest, let’s just say it was pretty safe.

It is not known for what period Twitch imposed the ban. Michał did not comment on this on his Instagram, so he can only guess that we are talking about 24 hours or 3 days. A week with this type of incident is rare, let alone 30 days.

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