Mysterious shadows have been discovered on Saturn's rings

Scientists have been monitoring these things for a long time Mysterious shadows appear from time to time. They compare their appearance to an apparition moving around Saturn's rings. They can be seen in different places, it all depends on the orbital cycle the planet is currently undergoing.

Saturn, like Earth, has a tilted axis and is therefore subject to gravity Seasonal changesBut it's a little different than on Earth. According to NASA, seasons on Saturn last about seven years. This tendency is also important when noticing the ambiguous “speaker.”

Over time, observations have shown that the number and appearance of spokes can vary depending on Saturn's seasonal cycle. Hubble will be tasked with examining the mysterious shadows at peak activity, during Saturn's equinox, which will allow researchers to discover secrets. An unexplained phenomenon.

The first evidence of the appearance of a mysterious “speaker” on Saturn's rings was provided by the Voyager mission in the 1980s. Then, at the height of the season, their observations were made by the Cassini probe, which was sent towards Saturn in 1997, and in 2004 became The gas giant's first satellite.

Now astronomers want to use Hubble's capabilities to explain the origin of these mysterious shadows. Notes will provide most of the answers During moderation Saturn in 2025.

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