Poland's 41-time strong representative: mocking football team rules

Czeslav Michenewicz On September 12, he announced the appointments to the Polish national team to the nearest matches The League of Nations. Rafai Jekevich, who constantly emphasizes his desire to play for the national colors, is missing from the list of 30 players. omission A goal keeper Augsburg, due to its exciting level in the German League, caused quite a stir.

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In the 1-0 win over Bayern Munich on Sunday, Jekevich was his team’s hero. in the additive time From the match, he defended Manuel Neuer’s header shot and saved the victory. The high disposition of the best goalkeeper in the Bundesliga has not currently gained recognition from Michniewicz, who commented on his decision during a press conference. – He was not contacted because we chose someone else. He directly said we can’t assign ten goalkeepers to the training camp.

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He referred to the non-appointment of the 35-year-old goalkeeper in an interview with “Przegląd Sportowy” Former football player, Radosław Kałużny. The 41-time Polish actor (in 1997-2005) has openly stated that it was a good decision. – Michniewicz, rightly so, does not want to argue with his team. Gikiewicz can screw something up. He has a bad tongue and likes to get agitated in public. By not setting it, the selector doesn’t risk anything. I certainly understand the appointment of Majecki or Drągowski who is younger and more promising than the 35-year-old Gikiewicz. I don’t think we’re dealing with a goalkeeper like English legend Peter Shilton, who was still defending in his forties.

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The former delegate spoke strong words about the player. – He fell victim to an overproduction of actor goalkeepers, but there is no reason to regret – perhaps his character was an obstacle. That he can be a disgrace to the group, that he has an unruly personality, that he is not particularly friendly, that it upsets his personality and way of being. I heard such stories from the vicinity of the national team. In it, no one intends to die in order to appoint Gikiewicz, to plead for him publicly. Kaoney said the Augsburg goalkeeper’s complaint that even if he did not receive an SMS from team members, it was already a mockery.

– He complains that no one from the staff has called his coach or athletic director, because if they made such a call, they might look at him differently. Dude, if they don’t call and ask questions, that means they’re giving you a clear message – you don’t need that representation – summed up the 41-time Polish actor.

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