What are the chances of Polish volleyball players progressing?  Qualifying tournament schedule

Let us remind you that the competition is in a league system, so all teams will play seven matches. The top two teams from the group will qualify. Ranking in the table is determined by the number of matches won, followed by points, set percentage, mini-point percentage and live match score.

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The defeat in the match against Thailand complicated the situation for Polish women. In the final days of the tournament in Lodz, they will face the three toughest rivals – the teams of Germany, the United States and Italy. They could no longer falter.

Before the decisive part of the tournament, Italian volleyball players lead in all wins and points and lose only one set. The Americans have a similar balance, as they lost another group. The German team occupies third place, which also achieved four victories, but lost points in two 3-2 victories over South Korea and Slovenia. After a costly defeat to the Thais, the Polish women dropped to fourth place with a 3-1 match record and ten points scored.

Four teams retained the chance to qualify before the final stage of the tournament. Then there will be decisive matches between them: Poland Germany, Italy – United States of America (Friday), Poland – United States of America, Italy – Germany (Saturday), USA – Germany I Poland – Italy (Sunday). Which teams will finish in the top two to secure Olympic passports?

Polish Olympic volleyball Group C qualifying schedule:

1. Italy 4-0 /12, 12-1/
2. USA 4-0 /12, 12-2/
3. Germany 4-0 /10, 12-5/
4. Poland 3-1 /10, 11-4/
5. Thailand 1-3 /2, 4-11/
6. South Korea 0-4 /1, 4-12/
7. Slovenia 0-4 /1, 3-12/
8. Colombia 0-4 0, 1–12/.
/ Matches, points, groups

Matches to be played:

2023-09-22: Colombia – South Korea (Friday at 11.20 am; broadcast – Pulsat Sport)
2023-09-22: Thailand – Slovenia (Friday at 2.20pm; broadcast – Pulsat Sport)
2023-09-22: Poland Germany (Friday at 5.20pm; broadcast – Pulsat Sport)
2023-09-22: Italy – United States of America (Friday at 8:20 pm; broadcast – Pulsat Sport)

2023-09-23: Colombia – Slovenia (Saturday 11.20 am; broadcast – Pulsat Sport)
2023-09-23: Thailand – South Korea (Saturday 2.20pm; broadcast – Pulsat Sport)
2023-09-23: Poland – United States of America (Saturday 5.20pm; broadcast – Pulsat Sport)
2023-09-23: Italy – Germany (Saturday 8:20 pm; broadcast – Pulsat Sport)

2023-09-24: South Korea – Slovenia (Sunday at 11.20 am; broadcast – Polsat Sport Extra)
2023-09-24: Thailand – Colombia (Sunday, 2.20pm; broadcast – Pulsat Sport)
2023-09-24: USA – Germany (Sunday at 5.20pm; broadcast – Pulsat Sport)
2023-09-24: Poland – Italy (Sunday at 8:20 pm; broadcast – Pulsat Sport).

Results and qualification tables for women’s Olympic volleyball

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