Poland may lose its promotion to Euro 2024 before facing the Czech Republic!  Plot twist possible

Albania leads the standings with 13 points. The next places are occupied by the Czech Republic – 11, Poland – 10, Moldova – 9, and the last is the Faroe Islands, which no longer count in the battle for promotion – 1, while coach Michal Proppers’ team played only seven matches and the rest less.

At the conclusion of the competition, Friday, Poland will play against the Czech Republic in Warsaw, and Moldova will play against Albania in Chisinau, while three days later the Czech Republic will play against Moldova in Olomouc, and Albania will play against the Faroe Islands in Tirana. The Czechs and Moldovans, unlike Poland, have everything in their hands.

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Could Poland vs Czech Republic be a zero-sum game? There are such scenarios

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