Podolski “made” Zabrze famous.  The whole world writes about his rude football behavior

Podolski admitted a few years ago that he would like to end his career in colours Gornik Zabrze. He has been able to fulfill his dream since 2021, when he returned to the Ekstraklasa. However, the world champion recently “floated” a little and during his own tournament he saw a red card for unsportsmanlike behavior towards the referee. Podolski fouled an opponent, for which he was punished with a two-minute ban. The attacker became angry with the referee, and began yelling at him, as a result of which he was removed from the field, which we wrote about further -> here.

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Lukas Podolski red card. The world champion is out again

The behavior of the 38-year-old was so strange that media from all over the world wrote about him. Made striker Gornik Zabrze a little famous. “Amazing: Podolski kicked out of his charity tournament!” – We read in “Mundo Deportivo”. “There are things that seem surreal, and one of them happened at the Schauinsland Reisen Cup, a charity football tournament that I was one of the organizers of. Lukas Podolsky‘, continued the journalists there.

More articles of similar content can be found on the portal Gazeta.pl.

The situation is also described in the English “Mirror”. “Podolski did not end with this (red card – editor’s note). The former World Cup star, who represented the colors of Poland’s Gornik Zabrze in the closed football tournament, poured water on judges From the sideline after receiving an order to leave the field Newspaper. In turn, the Express.com.uk portal described the incident to which the player was subjected as a “moment of madness”.

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Bild, in turn, had a short conversation with a Zabrze player. Podolski denied the accusations. I am a person who honestly says what he thinks. In life and on the field. I did not insult or attack the referee as some wrote.

Germany’s World Cup winner Lukas Podolski has long wowed fans with his power and speed but left the crowd on Sunday. Matchstick Charity without a word when he was sent to the locker room to argue.”

Lukas PodolskyPodolski excuses himself from the red card. “It doesn’t matter that it’s a charity tournament.”

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