Plus, he lost to UOKiK in the Court of Appeal.  He paid a fine of 6 million PLN

The Plus network operator will have to pay a fine imposed on the company by the Office of Electronic Communications at the end of 2014. This was the decision of the Court of Appeal, which Polkomtel indicated.

On December 30, 2014, the head of UOKiK issued a decision to impose on Polkomtel, the operator of the Plus network, Fines in the amount of 5,958,536 PLN. The bureau found that the operator violated the collective interests of consumers before Failure to provide them with promotional regulations required by law when concluding a contract for the provision of telecommunication services. The Plus operator has not provided subscribers with the content of the proposed changes to the terms of the contract specified in the Promotion Regulations.

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UOKiK accused Polkomtel that, while informing about the possibility of avoiding payment for the detailed account service after the end of the promotion, the company indicated only the most advantageous solution from its point of view, that is, the electronic invoice service.

Plus he’s supposed to pay a fine

Polkomtel appealed the sentence to the Competition and Consumer Court, which was overturned in 2018. UOKiK then appealed the ruling to the Court of Appeal, which referred the case to SOKiK for reconsideration. The lower court dismissed the operator’s complaint this time. Therefore, Polkomtel appealed to the Court of Appeal.

January 24, 2022 The Court of Appeal confirmed the decision of the Competition and Consumer Protection Bureau, thus refusing to appeal the Plus network operator. The court ruled that any changes, including those that benefit consumers, must be made in accordance with the law. Therefore, a fine of 6 million PLN is still valid.

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