A Class B driver's license weighing 4,250 kg is already valid

As I mentioned earlier, the presence of drivers Class B driver’s licenseUnder the Electric Mobility Act amendment, they will have expanded rights regarding the permissible gross weight of the vehicle they are driving. This extension is already in effect.

Under the new regulations, the DMC is increased from 3.5 tons Act 4.25 tonsBut under many circumstances. Above all, the increased vehicle weight applies only to vehicles with alternative driving. what does that mean? For example, LPG, CNG, and LNG are alternative fuels. However, that wasn’t what lawmakers were primarily interested in.

The new legislation is a reference to the side electric carsWhich, due to very heavy batteries, becomes a problem in transportation. There are absurd situations where the big trucks have ridiculously small batteries, offer a range of just over 100km, and can still carry them off their combustion counterparts. I mean, they can do the same, but you’ll need them then Class C driving license. The modification solves this problem.

There is also hydrogen as an alternative fuel, and its use in transportation is more reasonable. However, it is not fully understood why the driver z . was found to be Class B driver’s license You will never master a vehicle heavier than 3.5 tonsUnless it is played “alternately” (eg LPG) – it is clear that the laws of physics work a little differently. As a “consolation”, it can only be added that the condition for using the new rights is to have a driver’s license for at least two years. As we read in the amendment:


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