June 5, 2023


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Zverev went in Tokyo and now he won in Cincinnati.  Success with the toilet in the background

Zverev went in Tokyo and now he won in Cincinnati. Success with the toilet in the background

But let’s start with the final. The masters – Zverev and Rublov – have known each other since childhood. Sasha admitted that they had been competing with each other since the age of 11. At first in such tournaments that no one wants to remember today. He said in terrible gaps after the final for Germany with Russian roots. – But it was all about you being here a little later. In the finals of such great events as the Millennium in Cincinnati – he evaluated.

The Olympic champion from Tokyo competed with Rublev in the professional courts for the fifth time and won for the fifth time. Descended from three Germans, he won his 17th and fourth career titles this season. But the most difficult duel took place in the semi-finals with Stefanos Tsitsipas. The Greek seed defeated the seeded 6:4, 3:6, 7:6 (4) and worked 2 hours and 41 minutes to win. The match was filled with long exchanges, emotions and controversy. The Greek Zverev was accused of receiving directions from his coaching father, which is forbidden in men’s tennis. The athlete from Athens – not for the first time in recent beginnings – went into the dressing room after the opening set. He disappeared there for more than 10 minutes. He also took his bag, and his father who was sitting in the stands was writing something on the phone. Zverev was going to hell, and the cameras were showing the older Tsitsipas. When Stefanos got back on the field, he started playing better. In the second set he was losing 1:3, but won five more games, and in the third set he was ahead 4:1 with a break twice and had the ball in a pass at 5:1. However, he failed to use it and the fate of the meeting again turned unexpectedly . Zverev made his second big comeback recently. It is also interesting in the semi-finals. At the Tokyo Olympics, he was losing 1: 6, 2: 3 to Novak Djokovic, but the Serbian only scored one match. It now seemed at some point that Alexander, who was about two meters tall, was completely helpless. It turns out that it was not.

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– We have a big, big competition with Stefanos. None of us give up. There is a lot of passion, fighting and great tennis – Zverev, who has already participated in the courts of Roland Garros, summed up in a similar situation. Then the tennis player from Hellas won five matches. Now he is also close to success, but in the end the Hamburg player wins. And a day later, he was happy to win the whole championship. And to think that SMS, IM and toilet could have dictated the outcome of the entire tournament. We will not decide if there is anything to it. But this time, Zverev withstood the tension to the end…