Plastic surgeons and… influencers?  |  Radio-Canada

Patient in tears, before/after surgery photos… Many plastic surgeons in private practice, including Quebecers, use social media to promote their businesses and have thousands of subscribers. Some of them actually observe the phenomenon of “doctor-influencers” due to their existence.

Dr. Hani Chinno welcomes us to her clinic in downtown Montreal. An avid user of Instagram, he has a following of nearly 30,000 subscribers. In his view, there is the advent of Instagram changed game in his profession.

In one year, my practice has increased by 30% because I am on InstagramSays Dr Chinno who has been using this social network since 2017. He describes himself thus Small influencerFirst Thousands of people See his Stories Every day.

Dr. Chinno's Clinic, downtown Montreal.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Violet Cantin

We have identified more than ten Quebec plastic surgeons who are particularly active on social networks. On their Instagram and TikTok accounts, they post all kinds of content featuring their industry and clients. These publications often include their clinic's phone number and a call to make an appointment.

Dr. As Chinno explains, this increased presence on social media is building on that. In the past, she organized a grand opening at her clinic to which she invited many influencers. They took video and did tagsof Like it. I grew 10,000, 15,000 [abonnés] With this wreath.

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