After Sheila Rojas last touched her double cheek: "I had a terrible swelling, even my toes" |  Farandula in Peru |  Performances

This Thursday was linked to the show “America Hoy” and mentioned about her latest aesthetic intervention performed on the double cheek. The model explained that she had a bad time because she did not get enough rest and that she had been having difficulties in recent days.

“It’s still a little hard to talk, I’m still recovering … It’s called BodyTide, it’s your skin tightening machine, but I’m crazy, I had surgery and took the first flight the next day. It came from home to Guadalajara … I had terrible swelling, even my toes ”, The former pony said to surprise morning drivers.

At another time, Rojas admitted that he thought there was no other ‘pix’ because of the pain he has been experiencing in recent weeks.

“I said I would never do anything again, but … I’m really happy and see results in a few weeks”, He limited.

At the time, Janet Barbosa asked if you knew he had a habit of doing ‘redouching’. “It may be me, experts say, but I like it. If I want to do it, I will do it.” Done

Sheila Rojas talks about her latest rehearsal

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