Planica World Championships 2023: Piotr Żyła listens to Mazurek Dąbrowski after winning gold on the normal hill – ski jump

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For the second time in a row, Żyła won the gold medal over a normal object at the World Championships. Two years ago in Oberstdorf he became the biggest winner of this competition. In Slovenia he repeated the success at the age of thirty-six, significantly breaking the hill record.

I was impressed

According to the original plans, Pole was to collect his medal the day after the individual competition. But the organizers decided to move the decoration because of the mixed team competition that was held on Sunday.

The party went off Wednesday night without a hitch. Lived on stage and in the presence of crowds of fans he finally had the opportunity to hear Mazurek Dąbrowski after his success. The jumper, known for his spontaneous reactions, felt the solemn moment during the national anthem, his eyes welling up with emotion.

Video: Eurosport Piotr Żyła took the gold medal at the World Championships in Planica for the competition on the normal hill

In Planica Biało-Czerwonych, there is still individual and team competition for the big hill.

Ski Jumping Planica 2023. Competition programme

Thursday 02 March 2023

16:00 – Men’s HS138 Trial Series
17:30 – Men’s HS138 Qualifiers

Friday 03/03/2023

16:30 – Men’s HS138 Trial Series
17:30 – Men’s Individual Competition HS138

Saturday, March 4, 2023

15:30 – Men’s HS138 Trial Series
16:30 – Men’s HS138 Team Competition

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