A modern neurological clinic was opened at the Military Medical Institute.  “The greatest opportunities in Warsaw”

A modern neurological clinic was opened at the Military Medical Institute, on Wednesday 1 March. The cost of the project was 12 million PLN. The director of the facility assured that the ward will have the largest treatment capacity for patients who need serious interventions in Warsaw. Cardiovascular disease is decimating our society. I am convinced that thanks to this investment we will improve the disgraceful statistics – said during the opening ceremony, Major General Prof. Grzegorz Gielerak.

A modern neurological clinic was opened at the Military Medical Institute. After the renovation, the ward now has 16 modern, equipped and monitored stations for the most ill, especially after a stroke. The official opening took place on Wednesday, March 1.

This is one of the largest clinics of our institute and one of the largest neurology clinics in Warsaw, where patients need, among other things, interventional treatment of stroke. – The head of the Military Institute of Medicine, Major General Prof. Dr. Grzegorz Gielerak.

A modern clinic was opened at the Military Medical Institute …

The head of WIM said so The cost of modernizing the clinic is PLN 12 millionSubsidies for this purpose were obtained from the Ministry of National Defense.

The Neuro Clinic, along with the Department of Cardiology, Department of Interventional Radiology and Department of Vascular Surgery, is a system that closes the field of cardiovascular care. – indicated WIM manager.

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