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In the Polish version of The Office, the series’ distinctive elements are firmly embedded in their original reality, but all scripts, creative concepts, and cast are all consulted and approved by the BBC on an ongoing basis. The screenwriters were inspired by the current social mood and ideological struggles, and the controversial sense of humor that points to harmful stereotypes, as we read in advertisements, will test the distance of Poles towards themselves.

As already mentioned, fans of both English versions were sure that nothing good would come out of the Polish version of “The Office”. They hung the cover after only watching the joke.

PL office. Rickensji

“In terms of climate, it is much closer to the American version, largely due to the character of the head of the office (Pieter Pollack), whose obsessive energy, facial expressions and voice play are more closely related to the defeatist David Brent (Ricky Jervis) Karella to Michael Scott” – wrote Anna Tatarska. “It is a pity that the “PL-Office” appears to be used. Contrary to sustainable development policy, in this particular case, “new” means “better.”– summed up.

The writers led by ukasz Sychowicz did a good job, The series may not be exciting, but it can be fun and not be afraid of so-called controversial topics”- wrote Anita Kizio in “Politica”, especially appreciating the role of Adam Wronovitch, Polish Dwight Dark Wassiak.

“I assure you this A big surprise awaits you, because Canal + has not revealed all the cards promoting the series. Most importantly, it is suitable for viewing at work. I’m waiting for the next seasons, “- wrote Małgorzata Major from the portal. She particularly praises the role of Woronowicz. Katarzyna Zajka Kominarchuk also featured the actor in her review.”I feel there is potential to build something of my own on it. I watched the whole series and I’m not hiding – I was embarrassed that the creators wanted me to feel them– She added.

Natalia Hluzo of Radio Zeit wrote in her reception: “SThe erial directed by Maciej Bochniak has more to offer than copies of “The Office US”. Surprisingly, the more it deviates from the prototype, the better.” A quote from the most famous sitcom in history will restore confidence in Polish comedies– We read in the review by Radosław Czyż in ‘Gazeta Wyborcza’.Our version is not as great as the American version, but it’s also not as awesome as some people thought after watching the trailerBartosz Godziński ( encourages.

PL office. Trailer and story

The events of “The Office PL” take place in Siedlce, at the headquarters of the mineral water company “Kropliczanka”. Its chief, Micaho, is a man devoid of self-reflection, striving to attract attention and appreciation with every word and gesture. When a new owner takes over the company and employees start worrying about their jobs, only Mishao is optimistic about the changes. Business changes are intertwined with the daily office activities of the employees of “Kropliczanka”.

In the cast, in addition to Peter Pollack, Vanessa Alexander and Adam and Ronovich Among them were: Cornelia Strelica, Mikowaj Machak, Milena Lisica, Marcin Bemboch, Monica Kulchik and Adam Bobic. The director is responsible for the Polish version of “The Office”, created in collaboration with BBC Studios Massej Bochniak and producers Dorota Kośmicka-Gacke and Jan Kępiński. Łukasz Sychowicz, Jakub Rużyłło and Mateusz Zimnowodzki are responsible for the script, and Pawe Chorzępa is responsible for the cinematography.

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