Netflix is filled to the brim with all kinds of entertaining content to watch ranging from binge worthy TV shows to crazy blockbuster movies rated amongst the most thrilling in the world. It might be challenging to choose the right film to stream on the Flixster. You’ve all certainly come across this dilemma at one point or another. There is a show you’ve opted to watch. Even  if you’ve already stored a few movies to view at a later point, and you have access to a catalog with hundreds of titles. It’s then up to you to make the final decision on what to watch, and it can be tough. Whether you’re looking for something to watch on your own or with a loved one, you’ll need to pick a genre that both of you can enjoy watching. You’ve been searching for what seems like an eternity, and as soon as you’ve found a title worth watching, you end up falling asleep cause you’re exhausted, and ambivalence has prevailed.

To help you pick out a good title to watch without the hassle of going through a never ending catalog, we’ve narrowed down the selection a little with some of the best movies worth watching on Netflix right now.

21 – a classic casino Drama/Crime Blockbuster from 2008

As a promising scholar at the prestigious university of M.I.T. Ben Campbell, who’s played by Jim Sturgess, finds himself short on funds to cover his education costs. To win large in Nevada, he meets a team of pupils led by an unconventional lecturer, Mickey Rosa, Kevin Spacey’s character. Cole Williams, a casino bouncer, and a gorgeous partner played by Kate Bosworth, lure Ben into a high-stakes game of cat-and-mouse that he never could have expected. This movie will leave you going through a bunch of online casino reviews to learn all you need to follow up to the thrill the movie leaves on viewers and the emphasis it has on the game of blackjack.

Django Unchained – Tarantino’s best title to date

To date, Django Unchained is still  the most lucrative picture out of Quentin Tarantino’s impressive repirtoire, it depicts the narrative of a runaway slave (Jamie Foxx) attempting to rescue a woman he loves from a brutal slaveholder (Leonardo DiCaprio) during the mid-19th century, with the assistance of a German gunslinger (Christoph Waltz). It’s hard to have not been horrified by Django Unchained’s unvarnished depiction of the life of slavery in the United States (as well as the brutality they were subjected to), but the film has that same Quentin flair that helps to make the experience extremely enjoyable. Regardless of where you stand, DiCaprio’s threatening portrayal is definitely amongst his finest, Foxx’s development is especially stunning, and Waltz’s Oscar triumph for his starring effort is impossible to debate against.

Nightbooks – An epic horror movie for the whole family to watch!

Nightbooks is a horrifying thriller based on a novel that shares the name with the film and involves two youngsters who are held hostage by a nasty (but magnificent) sorceress who requires that they tell her a fresh terrible tale every evening. While Krysten Ritter (who played famous titles like Jessica Jones & Marvel’s Defenders) plays the big nasty sorceress, director David Yarovesky (Brightburn) does an excellent job of conveying scary mainstays into community requirements to deem it family friendly, attempting to make for a movie that is both truly frightening and an absolute blast to watch at the same time.. This Netflix special, directed by Natalia Yarovesky, is not only visually stunning, but it also does an excellent job of establishing its magical and terrifying universe in an engaging way . No matter what time of year you’re searching for something frightening, Nightbooks has the eerie, imaginative delight you’re seeking for.

Closer – An incredible theater-inspired drama by Mike Nichols

Produced by the renowned Mike Nichols, the dramatic romance Closer is indeed delicate and talkative concerning 4 lonesome individuals who are continuously looking for honesty in their symphony of deception. The film is based on the classic theater production written by Patrick Marber. To put it another way: The cast make up a phenomenal group, willing to tackle the conversational demands of Marber’s screenplay and trying to translate its scenes of schmaltzy flair into credible and blistering sensitivity. Just by putting Nichols on the frame can the movie’s emotional side shine through, and the fact that it retains almost all of its stageplay vocabulary just further illustrates how distinctive and masterful a director he was, as well as how much of an expert he is within his trade.

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