Marvel is seriously considering, or at least at some point considering reprising the role of General Thunderbolt Ross in the MCU – such a turn of events is usually reported by Jeff Sneider, well informed about Hollywood-related matters. Let us remind you that this character was portrayed so far by the deceased in March of this year. William Hurt. According to the latest information, in the future, it will not be replaced on the screen by anything other than the legendary Harrison Ford.

A possible change will follow the decision to create the film announced for 2024 Lightning About a group of anti-heroes, Thaddeus Ross is responsible for shaping the House of Ideas into comic reality. Schneider describes it as:

Marvel denied what I want to tell you, but it’s just a matter of timing – do I get this information too early or too late? Many sources indicate that Harrison Ford is, or at least was, the favorite to play General Ross in the film Lightning.

The journalist speculates that the uncertainty about the whole affair stems from the fact that Ford is hesitant about whether he actually wants to replace his deceased friend on screen. Schneider added that an advertisement for this was initially supposed to appear during the D23 Expo, but Disney and Lucasfilm did not give it the green light so as not to distract the audience waiting for Ford’s return for the role of Indiana Jones. .

Portals of American pop culture assert that General Ross’ thread is too important for the MCU to simply break. Note that since the movie Captain America: War of HeroesIn which Thunderbolt is presented as the US Secretary of State, the actions of this character are shrouded in a halo of mystery – it is possible that the hero in the meantime is laying the foundations for the creation of the Thunderbolts team.

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