The last match of Marius and Lazoe!  The golden group ended the golden career of the volleyball champion

At the beginning of the match, the hosts had a slight advantage (7: 5), but in the middle of the first set the Gdansk team jumped up a few points (10:13). The guests played well in defense and blocking, and their strong weapon was also the serve. After Mikołaj Sawicki won, Trefl jumped back to three points again (15:18). Maintained the advantage in the end, although Projekt saved two matches. Mariusz Wlazły closed the group with an effective attack (23:25).

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In the second batch, volleyball players from the capital excelled for a long time. In the middle of the group they were already leading 15:11 and then the procedure changed. The key was again the team’s service from Gdańsk. Sawicki appeared brilliantly (15:14), then a series of good strikes by Zhang Jingyin (18:21), and the set ended with two points from Wlazły (20:25).

At the beginning of the third set, the Gdańsk players surprised their opponents again with a header (2: 4), but the hosts quickly rose to the fore. Projekt volleyball players were more effective than their rivals in attack and built a strong lead in the middle of the set (12:9, 15:10, 18:11). In the end, they took control of the situation, and Yuriy Semenyuk scored the score at 25:19 with an attack from the middle.

In the fourth set, after an equal start (8: 8), the tone of events on the field was set by the volleyball players of Projekt. The score of the hosts with a lick of Jakub Kowalczyk (19:13) was important for the fate of this segment of the match. The result favored the locals and in the end there was not much Gdańsk players could do. After their mistake in the service area (25:19), both teams can prepare for the fifth set.

The tie-break was successfully opened by the volleyball players from Gdansk. After a successful attack by Wlazły, they jumped to three points (2:5) and kept this lead when changing sides. However, the volleyball players in the project quickly made up for the loss (8: 8). It is a point-by-point battle in the end. The last two words belong to the guests, specifically to Sawicki, who finishes off two attacks (13:15).

Who will finish fifth? The answer to this question was given by the golden group. We saw an equal match between the two teams. When changing teams, after the guest was served by the opponents, the hosts had a lead of 8: 6. Then Nils Klapwick served two aces, and the score was 11: 7. The volleyball players from the capital did not leave this advantage. Jakub Kowalczyk finished the competition for fifth place with a header.

Project vs Trefl Match Summary:

Warsaw – Trefl Gdańsk 2:3 project (23:25, 20:25, 25:19, 25:19, 13:15); Golden set – 15:10

design: Kevin Tilly, Jurij Semenjuk, Linus Weber, Artur Zalboek, Jakub Kowalczyk, Jan Verlej – Damian Wojciech (libero) and Nils Klapwick, Igor Grobelny. trainer: Peter Graban.
club: Patrick Chekaj, Lukas Kampa, Zhang Xingyin, Karol Urbanović, Marius Lazoi, Mikoaj Sawicki-Luke Perry (libero), Jean-Franchi Martinez, Jakub Zerwinski, Partomij Bodo, Aliaxie Nasiewicz and Kamil Drusky. trainer: Igor Yurisic.

Matches for fifth place in PlusLiga:

2023-04-24: Trefl Gdańsk – Warsaw Project 1:3 (21:25, 20:25, 25:18, 25:27)
2023-04-28: Warsaw – Trefl Gdańsk 2:3 project (23:25, 20:25, 25:19, 25:19, 13:15); Golden set – 15:10

Volleyball players from Projekt Warszawa finished fifth and Trefla Gdańsk took sixth place in the final rankings for the 2022/23 season.

PLUSLIGA match results

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