Ligia her savior.  What are the pictures in Nieciecza.  And Runjaic wanted someone else Pique nona

“Carlitos, Carlitos” – worn around the Legia stadium when the Spaniard entered the field in the 62nd minute less than two weeks ago Match with Gurnick Zabrze (2:2). At that time, not only the fans began in the stands, but also the Legia attack on the field. Until then, he was close to a direct kick from a free kick, and Gurnick defender Richard Jensen saw a red card after a foul on him. And although the 32-year-old Spaniard did not score in the first match, a week was enough to score the winning goal first in the match against Stal Milik (1-0), and on Tuesday he added two more goals in a match he won. After great agony and extra time. / 32 for the Polish Cup final with Brock-Pet Termalica Nysekza (3:2).

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Already during Friday’s match with Stahl and his first goal Before Carlitos “eLka” on the shirt After three years, he said, he returned to Ligia because it was more than a club for him. After the meeting in Nieciecza, he got down on his knees, raised his hands and made two circles of his fingers, as if he wanted to further emphasize his quality. That’s what it is. Not only scoring beautiful goals but also important. To help the team in the most difficult moments.

Lijia was looking for a completely different person

– Legia changed my life and gave me everything. I could have chosen a different direction and made economic gains, but I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to go back to Ligia. I can promise you I will give the team everything I have. The club has given me so much and I want to pay back at least what I got from him. Carlitos said after signing the contract.

Returning to azienkowska was not clear, because the coach Costa Rongai At first he is looking for an attacker with different characteristics. Tall and strong, he is able to play well with his head and back to goal. Someone for a duet with Blaz Kramer, that is, also with a 191 cm tall striker, who found in the summer – after the expiration of the contract with FC Zurich – Łazienkowska for free Transfer.

That is why Legia in recent weeks tried to communicate with Alexander Prigovich first. A growing Serbian striker with a past on Łazienkowska Street. Even richer than Carlitos, because Prigović was promoted to the Champions League with Legia six years ago. And when that transfer didn’t work out, she began looking in the direction of her former former striker Thomas Beckhardt. Which was very surprising, because the Czech left Legia only in June after the club decided not to extend his contract under current conditions and offered him a much lower salary.

Carlitos contributed to this transfer

In the end, Pekhart went to Turkey’s Gaziantep FK, Prijović remained in Australia, where he remains a Western United player, and the concept was changed at Łazienkowska in recent weeks. They were not looking for a tall and strong striker in the first place, but it was still important for him to go to Warsaw not only for an effective player, but also for a footballer who knows the peculiarity of the club, Leagues You will not need time to acclimatize.

Carlitos fits these assumptions. Especially since the Spaniard also wanted to come back. service WP SportoweFakty He was the first to report that he even contributed to this transfer. And this is real money, because he gave up about 150 thousand. Euro salary in Panathinaikos. This means that Legia, who in the summer had almost no money for transfers, paid the Greeks for Carlitos about 100,000. Euro. Another 200,000 may continue to add the bonus. But here there is a specific condition, because this money depends on whether the Runjaic team will succeed in winning the Polish championship this season. Then the transfer of Carlitos will cost a total of 300,000. Euro.

Only this will not be an easy condition to fulfill, because Legia has recently fallen into the middle level. Despite their victory on Tuesday in Nieciecza, the league’s runner-up, it still doesn’t look like a team that should be treated as a favorite to win the title. On azienkowska street, they realized it. At the helm is Runjaic, who figured at the start of the season that it would take up to three years to rebuild the team. – That’s what experienced coaches say. This does not mean that we will lose half the matches during this time. of course no. But there is nothing you can do with the touch of your fingers. He said in an interview with TVB Sport.

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It’s definitely easier in Legia

In Legia, everyone remembers what the previous season looked like. He was only tenth in the table, about three months in the relegation zone and scored 17 league defeats, in addition to three different coaches and the nerves of the fans. – Last season we got rid of the bottom and defended ourselves against relegation and now I say that we will compete for the championship or even the top three? It would be a bit difficult to talk about such goals – Legia sporting director recently admitted Jacek Zielskiwho was a guestFootball fact“.

Zieliński also spoke about Carlitos on the show. About the player’s determination, about the fact that he has been in contact with the Spaniard for several months, but also about the player’s vague prospects for playing in Panathinaikos. It turns out that the exclusion of Panathinaikos was a favorable circumstance for us European Cups – I would now like to thank Slavia who wiped it out. In addition, the Greeks bought the attacker for 3.5 million euros [Andraż Sporar ze Sportingu]. They also had a sniper who played interchangeably with Carlitos last season [Fotis Ioannidis]And another striker returned to them on loan from the Netherlands [Argyris Kampetsis]. So they stayed with the four attackers. This number will definitely be in demand in the Conference League, but in this setup, you’ll have two relatively young players [Ioannidis, Kampetsis] A striker got 3.5 million euros [Sporar]necessarily the fate of Carlitos will be a bit of unequal competition, which he probably realized himself – wondered Zelensky.

It’s definitely easier in Legia Carlitos. And not only because he is loved by the fans who clearly stood by the Spaniard three years ago, when Alexander Vukovic constantly bet on Sandro Kolinovic in attack. But also because Runjaić doesn’t have much wiggle room now. Kramer still did not appear for the first time, close-up trauma heals. When Maciej Rosołek played in attack, he did not score any goals. And now he’s back on the wing, although he’s only been checked out as a striker in the preparatory period. And Ernest Mossi, although he played in attack this season, is ultimately treated as an attacking midfielder. Nor is he as effective as Carlitos, who took just 178 minutes on the field to score three goals and salute Legia.

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