PKO BP, Pekao, Santander, ING Bank Śląski - outages and difficulties at banks on the weekend of December 17-18, 2022

PKO BP, Pekao, Santander, ING Bank Śląski, BNP Paribas – these banks have planned service work in the coming days. Customers should prepare for, among other things, difficulties related to online and mobile banking.


On Sunday, December 18, 2022, between 03:00 and 04:00, you will not be able to use: iPKO and iPKO Internet and telephone services, the Open Banking function, payments in online stores using the Pay with iPKO service PKO BP informed.

The bank added that “during the break, the iPKO Biznes mobile application will not be available, and the IKO application will only be able to withdraw money from ATMs and pay in stationary and online stores only using Blake“.

“All cards will work at ATMs and stationary stores. As part of the protection of online payments with 3D-Secure Card 2, only authorization through SMS code and card PIN will be available. If you can, please complete all important transactions earlier.” – it was resumed in the letter.

Pekao Bank

Pekao Bank also planned service work on December 18 – from 3.05-3.38.

During this time: You will not be logged into the Pekao24 website and PeoPay app; You will not use the Pekao24Makler app and the Pekao eTrader platform; You will not use the bank’s ATM, payment terminal and BLIK; You will not transfer funds from your credit card.

He added, “Remember to withdraw cash from ATMs in advance and order transfers or other planned operations in electronic banking services.”

Santander Bank Poland

“We plan to take a vacation from Friday to Saturday,” Santander said.

“From 11:00 pm on Friday to 6:00 am on Saturday, we are improving our services. During this time, you will not be logged into our online banking or mobile application,” the bank said. He also noted that “cards and ATMs will work.”

ING Śląski Bank

“On the night from Saturday to Sunday, December 17/18, from 0:00 to 5:30 we plan service work,” – reported ING Śląski Bank.

The announcement states that during this time, the Bank’s clients will not be able to: pay online with 3D Secure cards, that is, cards that have been additionally confirmed in the application or with a one-time SMS code; activate cards, change transaction limits, and set PIN codes; order payment cards; assign cards to the phone in the Moje ING Mobile app; add Mastercard cards to external wallets (Apple Pay, Garmin Pay, Google Pay); make a transfer from your credit card account; perform operations on cards in electronic banking services; Loans and sales will not work for checking and savings accounts either.

It will also be difficult to submit applications at Moje ING and at; To deal with cards in the ING Business system, use custody services (electronic filing) and use some applications.

If you can, make necessary transfers and purchases outside of service hours.

The National Bank of Paris Paribas

“We would like to inform you that on December 21, 2022 from 10:00 pm to December 22, 2022 until 01:00 am, the website will not be available due to scheduled maintenance,” the bank said in a statement. Declaration.

“During intermittent unavailability, a page will pop up allowing you to go to the transaction systems,” he added.

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