Jean Lapointe's Funeral: A Tribute Through the Words of Félix Leclerc

Félix Leclerc’s bit will be on the day of actor, singer and senator Jean Lapointe’s private funeral, which will be celebrated at Saint-Vietcher Church in Outremont on Saturday morning. Mr. Félix Leclerc, Lapointe’s best friend, wrote a poem for him in 1980. Actor Benoit Pryor reads it among the many tributes to the artist who died on November 18.

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During the 2019 edition of the Gala Les Oliviers, he received the Merci Four Dowd Prize for social and humanitarian involvement. The artist believed at the time that this recognition inundated him with memories, especially when his friend Félix Leclerc invited him to his home in December 1980 to pay tribute to him, reading a poem he had written for him.

It’s the same poem Benoît Pryor will read Saturday morning at the funeral of the singer-songwriter who died last November, just days before celebrating his 87th birthday. These beautiful words written by our great singer found themselves among the souvenir bookmarks distributed during Jean Lapointe’s Ardent Chapel on Thursday evening.

“Even beyond his retirement, he will continue to leave floats,” Mr. LaBonte seems particularly affected. [ce qui faisait allusion à la Maison Jean Lapointe dont il est le fondateur]. Jean Lapointe was a generous man. »

Personalities and Tributes

The ceremony will begin at 11:00 am at the Church of Saint-Viateur in Outremont.

Among those who will take the microphone to pay their last respects to Jean Lapointe on Saturday morning, during this funeral service reserved for family members and close friends, we can count on his daughter Ann Elizabeth Lapointe. She often sang a cappella on stage with her famous father Complain to my brotherA piece sung by his dad and covered by many artists.

Singer Marie-Elaine Thibert will sing Jean Lapointe’s famous song If we sing together An album of the same title was released in 1983 Diseased flowers Since 1991. Vocalist Phryne McCarthy will present I believe/What a wonderful world.

Jean Lapointe’s two children, Jean-Marie and Marie-Josée, will also speak in honor of their father. On the political side, Quebec’s Premier François Legault and former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien will also speak.

Many well-known Quebec dignitaries are expected at Saint-Vietcher Church, including Quebecer General Pierre Carl Pelado.

Although the ceremony was reserved for Jean Lapointe’s family and close friends, Quebecers could follow it all live as the major networks provided coverage of the event.

Félix Leclerc’s poem by Jean Lapointe

Few guitars lend themselves to tuning.

I want to tell you about a man who came to covenant.

It is an event without hatred, without revenge, without hatred,

A man returns from many wars.

He has become one of the best entertainers of our country.

Company, emotion, comedy, wonder

Qualities of great artists.

Does he have them all? I trust him. Beyond his retirement,

He’ll keep throwing floats!

Jean Lapointe was a generous man

– Felix Leclerc, d’Orléans, December 1980

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