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As 2022 marks his turn in his fifties, Ben Affleck knows more than ever what to expect from life. His professional achievement means choosing more substantial projects. In this regard, its participation See tender, A film directed by George Clooney, could not have come at a better time than this. Interview.

Mark-Andre Lucier

Mark-Andre Lucier

At the time provided by Ben Affleck Press In this video conference interview, he was selected in the Golden Globes as one of the five finalists for Best Supporting Actor, thanks to his performance See tender, Film directed by George Clooney. He won the Oscar for Best Screenplay in 1998 and became a superstar with his friend Matt Damon even though he was relatively well acquainted with the honor (thank you). Good Will Hunting, By Gus Van Sand) Now you know how to sort things out.

Photo by Jordan Strauss, Archives Associated Press

Ben Affleck in the first scene See tender, Held on December 12 at the TCL Chinese Theater in Los Angeles

“Getting this kind of recognition is obviously comforting and comforting, but it’s not really part of my goals. I would even say there is a risk: doing things only in terms of price. However, you have to think about the public first. Create a work of art that is recognizable. If the only criterion for measuring your success is box office performance or the number of prizes you’ve won, it will distort your artistic intentions.

Nothing more to prove

Receives the Ben Affleck Awards – Arco, A film he directed, also won an Oscar for Best Picture in 2013 – but, for him, he “kicked ass” more than he did.

Photo by Amazon Studios

Daniel Ronieri also plays the adult character of Die Sheridan. Here we see him facing Ben Affleck.

“Sometimes I felt that nothing I had done could satisfy anyone. It seemed like we were waiting for it to disappear from the background. The rewards had the effect of rescuing me in the first place. Thought., If not for myself.I have my own criteria for evaluating what I think is success.As soon as I truly believe it, everything else becomes a little less important.I read less about what people write about me, less about exposing myself to the media, and not getting into the endless cycle of social networks. So glad I did! ”

George Clooney’s Desire

In See tender, 2005 Journalist J. R. An adaptation of the autobiography published by Mohringer, Ben Affleck plays Charlie’s uncle, who is reunited with a boy who has disappeared from the lives of his father and his mother. Camped in the 1970s. See tender It forms the opening story of the future writer, who sharpens his sense of observing human nature by frequently visiting the bar where Charlie works.

Photo by Amazon Studios

George Clooney in the set See tender, The film he directed

“When I was told many years ago that a film would be made from this book I read and that George was going to direct it and I wanted to see what I was starring in, it was like a gift. Heaven, explains Ben Affleck. I became very flexible after reading the script. By my own standards, it is very important for me to excel in projects. “

In this case, I wanted to respect the trust placed in me because I knew that this character was highly desirable and that with structure and sophistication you could get a very rich performance.

Ben Affleck

He is a director (he has signed on for four films, the last film Live by Night), Ben Affleck found a rare time to play under the guidance of a colleague. And nothing. See tender Is 8e Film directed by George Clooney. In which he gave himself no role.

“Acting in the direction of a talented actor like George really makes a difference,” says Ben Affleck. He is talented, he has experience, a lot of knowledge and he knows how to communicate what he wants. This was very helpful to me. I have no doubt filmed under the direction of other actors in my career, but this time it was very unique and special to me. ”

An extraordinary year

Also co-writer The last fight, Starring Ridley Scott’s medieval film Mad Damon and Adam Driver in the lead roles, and exhibiting remarkable performances in a supporting role.

“I say this without guilt because I am well aware of how difficult this year has been for many, including my own children,” he pointed out. I saw the effect of the infection on them being part of the COVID-19 generation. But, honestly, I can’t deny the good things that happened to me personally.

“More broadly,” he continues, “I find a very healthy sense of comfort in asking myself who I really am, what I want, what kind of work I want to do, and most importantly, what kind of father I want. Both. That’s what’s important to me now. It really does make things easier. ”

See tender Available on Amazon Prime video.

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