PIT for 2022. After the changes to the Polish system, does every retiree now have to file an annual tax return himself?  Who will be charged with the ZUS tax?

The Polish deal changed the provisions on personal income tax significantly. In addition to the introduction of the standard tax-free amount of PLN 30,000 and the lowering of the first limit rate of the tax table from July 1, 2022, a lot of changes relate to the payment and collection of tax advances, as well as annual tax return forms, including PIT-37 and PIT-36 , which most often concerns people who receive a pension. Until now, taxpayers for whom the pension was the only source of income in a tax year benefited from the fact that the annual tax settlement was prepared for them – and for them – by the ZUS. And how is this year with the annual tax return, PIT for 2022?

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The Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund (KRUS) and other pension authorities, depending on the type of benefit and the period for its receipt, issue various forms, including:

  • PIT-40A / PIT-11A – given primarily to retirees, retirees, or people who receive benefits from Social Security, such as sickness or maternity;
  • PIT-11 – Intended for people receiving benefits from the deceased person.

The annual calculation of the PIT-40A tax is sent by the pension authority to the tax office (by the end of January) and to the pensioner (by the end of February).
PIT-40A is an annual income reconciliation and tax calculation for people receiving a pension, disability pension, preretirement benefit, preretirement allowance, teachers’ compensation benefit or social pension.

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