Undoubtedly, visual challenges and optical illusions have become favorite pastimes of Internet users on social networks. It’s no surprise: Who doesn’t want to exercise their mind while having fun? This is the business of these mysterious riddles. Are you under attack? Here’s a recent challenge that quickly went viral on the internet. Your goal is to try to find the rabbit in the picture below in 15 seconds!

Can you find the rabbit in record time?

Let us forget tension and intrusive thoughts. Make way for playful reflections with this optical illusion that immerses you in an immaculate setting that good snowboarders will enjoy. This challenge sounds tough, but it’s also meant to relax you. So make yourself comfortable in front of your screen and improve your visual acuity. Because this riddle emphasizes precisely your sense of observation today. Pay close attention and try to find the rabbit hidden in the picture. But be careful, don’t take too long: you only have 15 seconds to complete this challenge. Only the fast ones win this challenge, and there aren’t many of them!


Visual Challenge Image – Source: spm

Visual challenge solution

Looking at your proud and satisfied air, we can conclude that you are one of the winners. Congratulations, you’ve found the animal in question without much effort! But if the confusion is complete, it is not dramatic. In essence, optical illusion consists of the art of tricking the eye. If unfortunately time catches up with you and you can’t find the famous rabbit, you can try your luck again or find the solution below.

Direct determination

Visual Challenge Solution – Source: spm

What is an optical illusion?

An optical illusion, as its name suggests, involves the difference between what is and what appears to be. In other words, you should always be cautious because appearances can often be deceiving. This type of image deceives both our eye and brain because it can perceive a distorted reality. We can see curves and lines that are opposite. A fixed image at the intersection of black squares or moving circles from dark dots. Our brain perceives these elements as a result of the analysis of information received through the visual system. In fact, it is only a trompe-l’oeil: we believe that what we see is different from what it really is.

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