Sugarless.  9 zlotys per kilo in the net.  The madness continues

I’ve been to Lidl, Biedronka and Dino. There is no sugar anywhere. drama. What is happening? My son is back from the colony and I wanted to give him a sweet surprise. It is difficult, there will be no cake ”- asks Anna from Zabrze, who messaged us on the podium of the event.

Auction prices have gone up

The problem with the availability of sugar in stores appeared in early July. The product suddenly began to disappear from the shelves. People bought several kilograms or even several kilograms. Three retail chains: Aldi, Netto and Biedronka decided to introduce rationing. We will not buy more than 5-10 kg of goods for one receipt.

UOKiK warns that unjustified rationing in stores is a crime. The chains responded that the imposition of restrictions was necessary, not only individual customers, but also the owners of small shops moved to the kilograms of sugar.

The sugar deficit is largely due to consumer behavior – says Credit Agricole economist Jacob Olibra. The increases will be a result of increased demand as well as higher production costs.

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According to the expert, “There is no logistical system that can handle consumers who buy sugar in bulk.”

High prices are already starting to hit pockets. This can be seen especially on the web, where more and more people are looking for a rare commodity. Sugar can be purchased, among other things, on Allegro. The price, however, bothers you. You have to pay 9 PLN per kilogram.

There are offers on OLX where you can see up to 10 PLN per kilogram. Sugar can be purchased in pieces or as pallets of 10 or more pieces. Packages of ten kilograms can be bought at prices from about PLN 50 to PLN 100 at the most expensive auctions. In addition, you have to pay up to 30 PLN for a courier or twelve PLN or so for delivery to the parcel locker.

The government is reassuring, and the Poles know their government

There are no retail offers in the online store of the sugar producer (Pfeifer & Langen Polska). According to the portal, in mid-July, 1 kg of white sugar costs 4.50 to 5.20 PLN.

Consumers were also calmed by members of the government: Agriculture Minister Henrik Kowalczyk and Deputy Prime Minister Jacek Sassen. Both affirm: there is a lot of sugar and there will be enough for anyone.

According to the calculations of the Association of Sugar Producers in Poland We have a surplus of 500-600 thousand tons of white sugar. There is so much of it that some of it is exported.

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