The caps attached to the bottles are just the beginning.  The European Union offers new ideas

Caps attached to bottles have become a reality. They have supporters and opponents. But the European Union justifies its introduction by concern for the environment. We’ve written more about this here. It turns out that introducing new hats is just the beginning!

More changes will appear over time. They aim to significantly reduce the amount of plastic or make it easier to separate and recover. According to Business Insider, the regulations adopted by the European Parliament will mean that by 2030:

  • disposable plastic packaging for fruits and vegetables,
  • Condiments in fast food restaurants (including ketchup and mayonnaise packets),
  • Thin plastic grocery bags (some stores actually charge a fee for using this type of bag),
  • Small disposable cosmetic bottles, often used in hotels.

However, starting in 2029, approximately 90% of single-use bottles and cans will be collected through deposit refunds. In some countries, this system is much more developed than in Poland. This will allow them to recycle.

Business Insider reports that the deposit system will be effective in Poland from January 2025. All those who return bottles and cans will receive their deposit back. The deposit amount for glass containers will be PLN 1, and for plastic and cans – PLN 50.

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