Guy A.  LePage looks back on the most influential interview of his 19 years that has everyone talking

Guy A. LePage kept his promise. Invited by Mary-Line Joncas to participate in her summer talk show, Marie-Line’s wonderful springWhile acting as co-host Everyone is talking about it, accepted by the presiding officer. What’s Promised, What’s Paid: This Tuesday, we found him on Nuovo’s airwaves as Mary-Line Jonkas’ guest.

It was an opportunity for the host to make his “After Danny Turcotte” address Everyone is talking about it : ” I live well after Danny because it was his decision and he was unhappy. It’s like being on a hockey team, you have a teammate who retires. There are other games for you to play. We thought we’d try a few, including you [Marie-Lyne Joncas, NDLR]And it’s so much fun! »

Guy A. LePage also released his most important interview in 19 years Everyone is talking about it : ” Isabel Gaston “, he began without hesitation, talking about this woman who lost her children and the doctor, whose ex-husband Guy Turcotte took her life, it’s a bad story that caused a lot of noise, and with good reason.

When we get people like that, that’s what saddens me. That is what I consider important “, he explains. ” We wrap these people in cotton wool. When you go through the drama and come to the TV studio with a lot of people, we add stress to your horrible experience. The rest of us just put you out of there and say, “Well, that went well.” We try to freeze. »

With his 19th season coming to an end this Sunday, Guy A Lepage has confirmed that the 20th season will be High Mass on Sunday. Before then, you can reunite with Guy and Sylvie in new episodesA boy is a girlIt will air on ICI Télé this week from April 24 to 27 at 7 PM. Here we tell about it.

Also, while these special episodes are a gift to mark the cult show’s 25th anniversary, ICI Télé has a good news for its followers, Officially confirming the series’ return for 2024.

In the same episode Marie-Line’s wonderful springGuy A. Although Lepage manages his social networks (i) tastefully and innocently, he admits to being a very sensitive person.Recently quit Twitter, see why here) He also met the incomparable Mona de Grenoble, who peppered him with plenty of humor.

The episode is available for catch-up at

Mary-Line’s Wonderful Spring is presented Monday through Thursday at 6:30 pm at Nuovo.

This week, the host also gets Isabelle Boulay, Anne-Marie Cadieux and Martin Matt.

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