[PHOTOS] Hubert Lenoir goes into the woods in Francois

Nine months after the release of his second best-selling album, Hubert Lenoir, Montreal waited to be discovered by the public. And the long wait is worth it. In excellent form, the musician delivered an unleashed and solid rock show to thousands of spectators who came to see him at a big concert outside Francois on Tuesday.

In the interview NewspaperHubert Lenoir told us he saw this concert in Francois – probably the biggest in his life – “as a film mix. Jacques And a rock concert.

FD-Francos-HUBERT LENOIR-Muntreal

Photo by QMI Agency, Theory Lawforce

That’s what we have … from the first song! Appearing on screens filmed by a handheld camera and manipulated by his partner Noémie D. Leclerc, à la MusiquePlus, Hubert drank beer behind the stage before heading to the stage. He was wearing a fluorescent yellow patrol jacket and an NFB hat.

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Screaming at the top of his voice as he came on stage, the singer set the tone for the concert. The musician was performing a very rock version Golden Days. Then, while his musicians were doing Hubert, steam came out in a long crowd with almost grunge accents. Physical arousal In the crowd. We remember that we were only in the first song!

FD-Francos-HUBERT LENOIR-Muntreal

Photo by QMI Agency, Theory Lawforce

New accessories

After a little sobriety mtl FreestyleTook the rhythm back from the next track, Sunday night. Again, the singer and his musicians have sometimes produced even more rock versions of punk than the album itself. Pixura de IPSE: Live Music. At the meeting, many spectators did not hesitate Mosh pit.

I’m back, baby ! Introduced Hubert to the public, and finally saw him again after the singer toured the United States and France. The Place des Festivals were also very crowded on this wonderful Tuesday evening which looks like August.

FD-Francos-HUBERT LENOIR-Muntreal

Photo by QMI Agency, Theory Lawforce

At the disco

Also, Hubert dropped the fluorescent jacket to reveal a pink dress and then she took off to continue the concert with simple lingerie!

After playing his biggest career success at the end of the course, Daughter of the person IIHubert Lenoir left the stage before returning to Encore.

FD-Francos-HUBERT LENOIR-Muntreal

Photo by QMI Agency, Theory Lawforce

What an unforgettable reminder we had! The singer sang PhaseFrom his latest album, to the public … before delivering discotheque music!

As we heard on the loudspeakers of Flo Rida and Timbaland, the artists – which should be checked – probably never played in Francois. It is enough to put the party in the Place des Francos.

FD-Francos-HUBERT LENOIR-Muntreal

Photo by QMI Agency, Theory Lawforce

After about fifteen minutes of dance pop music, as part of the audience began to leave, Hubert reappeared. Restart. The perfect result for an evening you will soon forget.

Hubert Lenoir and his co-authors Felix Pettit and Julian received the Chokan song of the year for the piece on Tuesday. The secret. “That’s good, it’s one of the best songs I’ve ever written,” Hubert said during the concert.

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