Phil Spencer revealed how much time he spends playing in a week.  Do you play more than the CEO of Xbox?

I don’t think any of us play today as much as we did in childhood, do we? Or at least not in that carefree way, where you spend whole days watching your favorite titles without having to worry about everything that happens in our environment. The only option is to work with confidence in the industry, although it should be made clear that it doesn’t look that way most of the time – it’s only a small percentage. Perhaps everyone dreamed of being there.

Phil Spencer is a great example – a man who needs no introduction. The head of Xbox is one of the most recognizable people in the gaming world and someone who definitely knows how to handle media. Recently, he gave a very interesting interview to Bloomberg, where he revealed how much time he spends in a week Indulge yourself in your greatest hobby – playing video games:

I go to bed early so I go to bed sometime at 10pm…I probably play about 15 hours a week.

Of course, it must be assumed that we are talking about gaming strictly in the form of fun – I am convinced that during his working hours, as a commitment, he has some time on the console and PC. However, 15 hours is still a big hit – especially considering someone who probably has a lot on their mind… Let me know what it’s like with you – You play more or less than Phil Spencer himself?

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