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Bayern Munich After a great start to the season, he suffered his first setback. in Saturday They only drew 1-1 with Borussia Moenchengladbach at home. This is a particularly disappointing result when we look at the post-match stats. The Bavarians gave as many as 20 shots on goal, but they could not defeat Jan Sommer, who plays perfectly.

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Bayern Munich lost its first points of the season. “A clear sense of Lewandowski’s absence”

The Swiss goalkeeper actually scored a point for his team on the territory of the German champions. He saved 19 shots and thus broke the TOP5 league record. – We all know he always plays against us Game general. Not all of our shots were unstoppable, but practically nothing was missed – Thomas Muller complained after the match.

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Bayern players can complain about their opponent, but the truth is that this time they were very ineffective. German journalist Tobias Escher noted on Twitter that the team clearly missed Robert this time Lewandowskiwho went to F.C.B.

“Today is actually the first game in which Lewandowski’s absence is clearly visible. Bayern did not play smoothly through the middle, and this is also due to Gladbach’s hoarding” – we read.

Escher also noted that at the end of the match, even Matthijs de Ligt, a symbolic defender, appeared in Bayern Munich’s attack. The journalist believes that Julian Nagelsmann “confessed” that he needed another offensive player. In the 85th minute, when the Dutchman replaced Leroy Sane on the field, only one striker remained on the bench. 17-year-old Matisse Tal.

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