Comment on Israel: Pink Floyd's Rogers Waters has been dropped by his record company

Roger Waters has reportedly been dropped by his record company over his comments about Israel in conflict with Hamas.

The co-founder of the famous British group Pink Floyd has mentioned that he was “fired” by BMG, who did not appreciate his views on Ukraine and the United States. Variety.


According to the magazine, BGM and Waters, 80, have been working together since 2016 and were set to release a new version of the opus last year. The dark side of the moonOriginally published in 1973. However, BMG's new boss, Thomas Gosfeld, has reportedly canceled the company's contract with the musician after taking over his duties in July 2023.

BMG declined to comment on the allegations Variety, but Waters addressed the issue in an interview last November. Waters said the deal was breached due to pressure from Bertelsmann, BMG's parent company. The German company expressed its solidarity with Israel on October 9, two days after attacks on Israeli soil by Hamas.

In 2022, Waters addressed the United Nations Security Council and said that Russia's aggression against Ukraine was “not unprovoked.” The artist later repeated this claim while denying the accusations of anti-Semitism.

Former members of Pink Floyd will not be happy with Waters' comments, as it could scare away investors willing to buy the band's catalog. It will be available for sale and will be worth up to 500 million USD.

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