January 28, 2023


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Perseverance made it possible to measure the speed of sound on Mars.  It's different from what it is on Earth

Perseverance made it possible to measure the speed of sound on Mars. It’s different from what it is on Earth

The speed of sound on Earth is not constant. It varies depending on factors such as density and temperature. In our atmosphere at 20°C, it travels fast about 343 m/sAnd in the water 1480 m / s. However, in steel it is already 5100 m / s.

Scientists analyzed data collected by the persistent rover on Mars for more than a year. This revealed that the speed of sound in the atmosphere of the red planet is Different from those on Earth. It is associated, among other things, with the density of the atmosphere. It is much rarer than ours.

Photo: NASA


The speed of sound on Mars is About 240 m/s. However, it varies by frequency. High tones travel at speeds greater than 10 m/s Regarding the short stuff. This is due to the properties of carbon dioxide molecules that are subject to low pressure.

Scientists say more research is needed. They are of some importance in terms of future trips of people to the red planet, who will have to communicate with each other. Of course they wouldn’t do without the suits, because the atmosphere of Mars is uninhabitable.

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