Perseids 2022. The night of the shooting stars begins this weekend.  How do I monitor them?

Perseids on me polishing The sky can be observed from July 27, but the greatest activity is during the night of August 12/13. There’s a reason it’s said to be the night of the falling stars, because up to 100 falls will be visible in the sky within an hour.

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Perseids. These falling stars… are not stars at all. Where did their name come from?

Jerzy Rafalsky, astronomer From the Toruń planetarium, he shows that the Perseids are neither stars nor meteors. Before reaching the Earth’s atmosphere, they are meteors that occur in clouds that orbit the Sun like the Earth. They are pieces of a few millimeters long, sometimes the size of a fist, which can be called cosmic pebbles. When these crumbs reach the atmosphere, they become meteors. The ones we see in August, he says, are called Perseids after the constellation Perseus from which they “separated.”

– Meteorites is another thing. He adds that these, in turn, are debris too large to burn up after entering the atmosphere and landing on Earth.

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These crumbs in Earth’s atmosphere reach speeds of up to 60 km/s, causing them to heat up and flash for a split second, leaving behind a strand of light.

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Scientists have determined that the Perseids are the remnants of Comet Swift Tuttle. “A comet is actually a mass of dirty ice that orbits the sun like the Earth and meteor clouds. It is approaching us starsheats up and decomposes, creating such clouds as Perseidów” – explains Rafalsky.

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The expert explains that Perseids should be observed in a place where there is not much light. – We don’t need telescopesbinoculars, or other instruments. We start our observation later hour 23, because then the constellation Perseus appears, from which the meteorites “break up”. It is better to look to the northeast, where Perseus will appear and this is where the Perseids will be most, but it can appear all over the sky. That is why it is worth looking in all directions – says the astronomer. He adds that the full moon will be an obstacle this year.

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Falling stars will also delight you in autumn

Another chance to admire flocks of shooting stars will be in November. – Then the Earth crosses the lyonoid cloud, or meteorites from the constellation Leo. Right, then Atmosphere It can be difficult to see them in the sky, but if you are lucky, you will definitely succeed – says Jerzy Rafalsky.

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