Pension Indexing: Seniors Will Get This Money in October!  We know the net and gross rates.  Here are the accounts!

Link pensions by 2022. Retirees and retirees can enjoy an increase in benefits. This year, there was a fairly high valuation of pensions in Poland. We know the amounts ZUS will transfer to seniors starting in September. See examples of net pension rates in the gallery!

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In 2022, retirement benefits were increased twice. Traditionally, indexing was carried out in March. On the other hand, in connection with the tax reform of the Polish system, no income tax will be deducted from the pension, but only the health insurance contribution. This means that the net amounts of current pensions will increase.

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The Social Insurance Institution also revealed the amount of the highest pension in Poland. More than 25.3 thousand zlotys – this large amount of money is transferred to the account of a resident of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship every month. The woman has 61 years of work behind her. According to ZUS, she retired after turning 80. According to the data of the Social Insurance Institution, her pension is ten times higher than the average.

The transfer takes place automatically, thanks to which the elderly do not have to go to the ZUS offices on their own. Everything happens ex officio. However, in order to satisfy your curiosity, you can independently calculate the amount of the pension after standardization. To calculate the value of the new benefit, you need to know the exact total amount. This value must be multiplied by 7% (index index). Then the result obtained is the value of the new pension.

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