June 3, 2023


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Small businesses have been hit hard by the crisis. They are closing. It’s getting worse every month

The CEIDG score also scored 31.1 percent. More requests for company suspension than the previous year. According to experts, it will only get worse in the coming months. In their opinion, sole proprietorships are rapidly disappearing from the market due to the uncertainty caused by tax changes. It is also difficult to bear the burden Higher social security contributions and higher operating costs.

Other negative factors High inflationexpensive energy carriers and an uncertain political situation. As a result, many entrepreneurs have decided to close their businesses.

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The wave of corporate liquidations is increasing. This will affect the GDP

According to data from the Ministry of Development, The largest number of small businesses closed recently in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship – 20.9 thousand. (a year ago – 18.6 thousand). The next places are occupied by the Śląskie Voivodship – 14.1 thousand. (previously – 11.9 thousand), and Wielkopolskie – 13 thousand. (11.5 thousand) and Lesser Poland – 12.1 thousand. (10.3 thousand). At the end of the list is Obolsk Voivodeship – 2.8 thousand. (2.5 thousand) Podlasky – 3.6 thousand. (3.1 thousand) and Lubuskie – 3.9 thousand. (3.3 thousand a year ago).

These numbers are not surprising. The Polish economy is still suffering from the effects of the pandemic. However, the biggest impact on the growth of the aforementioned applications had changes caused by the introduction Polish order. The new obligation to pay health insurance contributions calculated on income has become particularly painful for entrepreneurs. – Comments by Dr. Joanna Wibro from WSB-University in Wroclaw.

There are currently about 2.15 million small and medium-sized enterprises in the country. Small and medium enterprises sector It is also the majority of companies in Poland, nearly 99.8 percent.

– Among them, the largest group is micro-enterprises, which account for more than 2 million enterprises. They make the largest contribution to the GDP and are the driving force of the economy. Its closure may mean the transfer of part of the business to the shadow economy and an increase in the level of unemployment, and then – a deepening of the already existing economic crisis – Wieprow predicts.

Next year it will be even worse, a real tsunami awaits us

It is increasingly difficult for companies to run a business, but there are industries that do better. In such a case, the medical sector and e-commerce, for example, shipping services.

– There are sectors that developed during the epidemic. However, in many others, including in construction, closing is more profitable than opening a business, This is mainly due to the increasing costs of its operations. Adrian Parol, Legal Counsel and Restructuring Consultant.

According to the expert, the volume of business closings will increase even more in the coming quarters. In fact In 2023, we may experience a real tsunami of corporate liquidation. Companies from the construction, transportation, trading and catering industries may find themselves in a particularly difficult position.

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