Patricio Barodi and Ducelia Echeverria could be new offenders and leave the "EEG" |  NTC Celebrities |  Views

This Friday, October 8, it was revealed who were the last two convicts facing a one-day dismissal of “This is War”. About And Ducelia echevaria.

Ignacio Baladan was in the ‘Pato’ verdict with the votes of Jota Benz, Alejandro Pino ‘Sokoladito’ and Elias Montalvo, while Ducelia was chosen by the “Warriors”, Rosengela Espinosa, Louisiana Foster and Angie Arizaka.

The “Warriors” were forced to punish their teammates for not defeating the “fighters” in today’s match. The opposing team reached 1000 when they finished the day with 500 points.

Who was convicted?

Up to now Mario Hart, Mario Irrivaren, Rosengla Espinosa, Alejandro Pino, Fazundo Gonzalez and Alejandra Pygoria have been convicted. Everyone needs to prove why they shouldn’t leave the show this Monday.

On Tuesday, October 5, the court announced that in this edition of “This is War”, the rival reality show “Guerrero Puerto Rico” will undergo drastic changes such as phrases and deletions before the next international fight.

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Angie Arizaka cries as she does not meet the height challenge
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