Outriders: Worldslayer is introduced.  A big hopeful addition to People Can Fly
April 21, 2022, 22:18

People Can Fly has announced Outriders: Worldslayerer, the first big expansion pack for the 2021 shooter. The expansion has to be so extensive that the developer is calling it an improved version of the game. However, you will have to pay a lot for them.

In line with yesterday advertisementOur original studio people can fly Today it unveiled the first major addition to last year’s shooter Outriders. The developer says so explicitly Worldslayer As an improved version of “Easel”. Expansion will start on June 30th (on all hardware platforms) i Will introduce a new campaignlocations, enemies, pax class trees, ascension and apocalypse systems, a third mod slot, as well Unique ending.

You can watch the first trailer below Outriders: Worldslayer.

Price Outriders: Worldslayer

For people who have Outriders All these attractions will be available for a fee: for 165 PLN on the computer And for PLN 179 on consoles X-Box And Play Station. Players who decide to purchase an upgrade before the premiere will pay PLN 148.50 and PLN 161.10, respectively. You can also buy the basic version of the game with an add-on – in this case you have to spend PLN 330 on the computer and PLN 299 employment keyboard (in a similar upgrade PLN 222.58 and PLN 269 respectively).

In spite of Big Problems For the first show Outriders It was warmly received. why? You will find from our review:

For new and old players

what is important, Both new and existing players will be able to enjoy the new content. You can continue to play as the character from “Base” or instantly create a hero at 30 XP and access content from the expansion (and then possibly play the “Basic” campaign with it).

And what exactly? Those interested can find out from the developer description below, Posted on Steam (original spelling).

how do you think o Outriders: Worldslayer Is it the bull’s eye or the knee? Will the game help return to the salons, or will it be the final nail in the coffin? Let me know in the comments.

Let me just remind you that The original shooter hasn’t been doing well lately – In the last 24 hours in one moment They were playing It has a total of 1,163 people on Steam. That’s slightly better than the average for the past weeks – for example, twenty-four hours ago, it was only 774 people – but far from the record of around 125,143 users launched on the Valve platform.

fact, There is a lot of content, but you have to pay for itAnd a lot. Will this be enough and won’t discourage new players who are also outdone by the developer?

New in Outriders: Worldslayer

New campaign, new opponents, new places

  • Outriders: Worldslayer Fully included Separate new story campaignwhich can be started without having to complete the story from the base game.
  • In the new campaign, you will face the player character Ereshkigalthe leader of a new faction of people calling themselves the rebels, and the catastrophic change of the climate of Enoch.
  • Ereshkigal can be considered the “first terdeka”.
  • during the campaign Worldslayer You will, of course, go to new areas. Materials about the edge of the glacier and dead water can be found in the report to the press from last week. Both areas appear early in the campaign.
  • In addition Worldslayer sound New enemy variants as well as new enemies and bosses. You can already see them in our presentation, and we intend to show more of them on our social media channels in the future.

new equipment

  • at Outriders: Worldslayer It will appear, of course, A number of new equipment, both in terms of weapons and armor.
  • Each class will have its own new class Five-part legendary armor set.
  • Worldslayer It will also display a little New 3-piece legendary gear sets that any class can use. They will also have their own set bonuses.
  • Note: Some legendary equipment and previous mod kits will be changed upon launch Worldslayer! We’ll talk a little more about that before the premiere.
  • Each new piece of legendary equipment also includes a new mod.
  • We will start offering special equipment for acquisition Worldslayer On our social channels from now until launch – all those interested should follow us there!

New Classic Bucks Trees

  • at Outriders: Worldslayer A new class tree will appear: peace tree.
  • peace tree separate chapter treewhich has nothing to do with the trees you know, requires pax points to unlock the nodes in it.
  • Pax Points are earned after certain events during the campaign Worldslayer. They are based more on general progress than the level of experience gained.
  • The Peace Tree itself consists of Two branches for each categoryAlthough they are related to each other, similar to the main skill trees.
  • Every knot in the peace tree It works similarly to nodes of the main class treesSo the choices made while unlocking will have an impact on the performance of your outriders.
  • As in the case of the main class tree, the pax tree can be freely reset.
  • The pax tree was created to allow players to customize their characters in more detail or to improve hybrid mechanics.
  • Here are the branches on the Peace Tree: pyromancer (gunner, crazy fire), technomancer (Sower of Despair, Superintendent), destructive (devastating, lord of tremors), manipulator (ghost, exploiter).
  • The Peace Tree will unlock at level 30 of the character’s experience and after the start of the Worldslayer campaign.

New collection system

  • at Outriders: Worldslayer A new one will appear, Long-term progression system: Ascension.
  • The idea is that players can constantly strive together to reach the “new level” in parallel with the classic gameplay.
  • Subsequent ascent levels do not unlock new content or equipment. It is designed to increase the strength of the character.
  • The ascent system is currently being developed in this way It took over a hundred hours to reach the top level.
  • Levels up are gained by killing enemies. It’s only available from level 30 and requires an add-on Worldslayer.
  • Experience points gained after reaching level 30 translate to level upsWhich in turn provides entry points.
  • You can spend them on it Four classes of ascent: brutality, endurance, competence or anomaly.
  • Each of them will have five options for development.
  • For example, you can invest points to reduce cooldowns or increase your maximum health, resistance, or damage dealt.
  • You can spend a maximum of 10 joining points per option.
  • In addition Worldslayer You can reach level 200, which translates to 200 upside points. With the maximum number of them, you will fully develop all the options in each category.
  • You can spend the points alternately in different categories and freely reset their allocation.
  • As with the new pax tree, the climb system is designed to allow players to increase the power of certain character styles or improve hybrid mechanics that work well in a variety of strategies.


  • Reminder: level system in Outriders It allows players to adjust the difficulty of the game to their liking. Higher levels mean more challenging gameplay, but also more rewards and the ability to use higher level equipment.
  • at Outriders: Worldslayer There will be a new apocalypse systemWhich greatly affects the max equipment level, difficulty level and most importantly, the loot.
  • Challenging levels It will be replaced by apocalypse levels.
  • This change will affect all versions of the game OutridersEven if Worldslayer is not installed.
  • Apocalypse levels determine not only the level of difficulty and rewards for missions, but also the entire content of the expansion pack Worldslayer (Campaign and end-game phases).
  • There are 40 levels of apocalypse. It is a natural continuation of the world standards still used in the main campaign Outriders. However, it will be possible to play it in apocalyptic levels, as long as you have the expansion installed Worldslayer.
  • Maximum Apocalypse level unlockable through Expeditions in the base game (without installing the expansion Worldslayer) is 15.
  • With the add-on installed, you can go on with your missions and unlock apocalypse levels above level 15.
  • In Apocalypse Level 15, your maximum load level is still 50, as it was until now.
  • At the end of the world level 40 Your maximum equipment level will be 75, which is the new limit.
  • By playing above a certain level of the apocalypse, you have a chance to get it Apocalyptic equipment.
  • Apocalypse Equipments are unique forms of epic and legendary equipments in the game.
  • Shocking equipment pieces have three adjustment slots.
  • Horrific equipment can only be looted from enemies, it cannot be crafted.
  • You can identify the horrific equipment thanks to a special icon by hovering over it.

The new end stage of the game

  • Apocalypse levels will affect Expeditions, but at Outriders: Worldslayer There will also be its own unique end-game system. It is a system around which the add-on is specifically designed.
  • Campaign Worldslayer It will take players to the ancient city of Taria Gratar, the cradle of the Pax Civilization, where it awaits them Rehearsal for Taria Gratar.
  • But don’t worry: it doesn’t contain any time-limited items.
  • That’s all we want to tell you about the end of the game for now. The next broadcast will be devoted entirely to Taria Gratar’s attemptSo you know exactly what to expect.

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