Hogwarts Legacy will receive new content.  Creators prepare mission, updates and features

The most purchased game of 2023 hasn't said the last word. It's clear that the creators of Hogwarts Legacy want to capitalize on the opportunity and offer players more attractions in the coming months. New wizards will have access to one of the best side quests in recent years.

Hogwarts Legacy was initially released on current generation consoles and PC, then on older Sony and Microsoft platforms, and finally debuted on Nintendo Switch. The game didn't look great or offer the highest quality on all devices, but players enjoyed learning about the interesting story.

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Warner Bros. Games has already confirmed work on more games from the “Potterverse”, but we still have to wait for specific announcements. However, the community can count on the fact that Avalanche Software has not forgotten its Hogwarts legacy.

The creators have just announced that an exclusive quest that was previously only available on PlayStation consoles will be available on other platforms – in my opinion, it is one of the most interesting side quests in recent years, because the developers have created a really interesting adventure and dressed it all up in some amazing decorations. .

But this is not the end, as the authors also emphasized Hogwarts Legacy will receive new content – but in this case, we haven't received any other details.

As we approach the anniversary of Hogwarts Legacy, we wanted to let our community know that PlayStation-exclusive Hogwarts Legacy content is coming to other platforms this summer, along with additional updates and features for the game. Stay tuned for more information in the coming months about what's coming to Hogwarts Legacy this year.

We can't count on a full-fledged expansion, but I would love to see the first teaser for Hogwarts Legacy 2 – creating a continuation shouldn't take many years, because the developers have all the technology and basics available in the world.

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