Stephanie Cayo and Maxie Iglesias confirm their relationship with romantic photos: "I'm going to be so cheesy, you're a gift" Chad Campbell Celebrity |  Performances

Confirmed. He formalized his romantic relationship with Spanish actor Maxi Iglesias through a romantic publication on his social networks. Following her divorce from her then-husband, Chad Campbell,

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Embracing each other with three pictures and giving an emotional kiss, Stephanie Kayo promised that it started with a beautiful friendship and now they are giving themselves the opportunity to meet.

I’m going to be super cheesy … everything that comes with love is beautiful. Your face is beautiful, your eyes are for writing a poem, we know what you dream of, what you can do. But the most incredible thing of all … is that many people are not lucky enough to know, everything you do not show … “, The youngest of the Kayo clan wrote very affectionately.

Stephanie Cayo and Maxie Iglesias confirm love. Photo: Instagram

In other lines, Stephanie Coyo He insisted that the Spanish model was the only one present and therefore this was a gift to him.

“What you carry inside is infinitely beautiful. Recognizing each other, loving each other in shady places, feeding on a beautiful friendly soul, they touch the heart with love that needs no explanation. You have a gift Maximiliano. And the present tense is that. A gift, Wrote.

Stephanie Cayo and Maxie Iglesias confirm love.  Photo: Instagram
Stephanie Cayo and Maxie Iglesias confirm love. Photo: Instagram

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Maxie Iglesias was married to Max Kayo

After many speculations about the love affair between Stephanie Cayo and Maxie Iglesias, , Brother of the actress.

Through Magali Madina and Instagram, the Kayo sisters also reported it. Model took a photo with beauty Stephanie’s family.

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