June 2, 2023


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Orlen to take over Labka?  Obajtech denies this.  "We don't have any conversations, we're not analyzing the matter."

Orlen to take over Labka? Obajtech denies this. “We don’t have any conversations, we’re not analyzing the matter.”

– It has already been decided that the electricity networks of the railways are a large enterprise, and they also have a large electricity transmission network that will be purchased again in a very short time. Only from one of the US funds. And the same fund owns abka. You know what abka is. these Shops They may also be replaced. We are going in this direction – he spoke in Pulawy Jaroslav Kaczynskiin response to a question about the possibility of purchasing processing plants from foreign capital by the Polish food group.

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Orlen abka will not take over. Obagtec denies it

Orlin Lotus has taken the reins recently, but is also preparing to merge with PGNiG and Energa. It’s no surprise, then, that there has been speculation that the company run by Daniel Obajtek will take over. ¯abka. However, Obajtech denied these reports – TVN reports from PAP.

We are not having any conversations, we are not analyzing the matter and we have no plans to buy abka

– said PKN chief Orlen.

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to grab teeth Robert Tellus, chair of the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture, was also asked. The politician said Polski Holding Spożywczy should have it too Shops. He didn’t know what Grid was. He added that it would be good for Polish consumers to be able to buy Polish products of the best quality in state-owned stores.

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Who does abka belong to?

The Żabka retail chain belongs to the CVC Capital Partners fund. According to the information on the retailer’s website, there are currently 8 thousand. Stores operated by 7 thousand franchisees. He has also been a member of CVC Capital Partners since 2015 PKP Energy engineering.

A few days ago, Bloomberg announced – citing a dozen or so anonymous whistleblowers – that CVC plans to debut on the exchange in London Or Amsterdam, with a valuation of more than 20 billion euros.

TVN24.pl asked to comment on the president’s speech PIS CVC and Żabka. “The reported statement does not refer to any specific trial with our participation, so we have no reasons to comment on it,” Shapka’s press office told the portal.