Opportunistic sales on board.  Passengers are tired of it!

Opposition to the sale of products during flights has become increasingly common on the Internet. A good example of passenger hassle is threads that appear on a Reddit forum. People who use the Services American Airlines They oppose it in very large numbers Intrusive advertising of credit cards while traveling.

This must be recognized compared to the offers made in Europe Budget lines, The practice of American lines is quite radical. After all, we’re not talking about a perfume or a necklace, but a credit card — or even several variations, since American Airlines offers many of them under a common brand. Seeing a long morning commute starting to sell out is not encouraging. Among other things, forum users complained about such situations:

Would you be interested in such an offer?

Other users wrote so There is no point in complaining. On the one hand, this is a potential profit for the flight attendant (selling such a card could guarantee her a $50 bonus), and the airlines are not going to change their approach anyway. However, this does not change the fact that passengers are simply nervous. This doesn’t surprise anyone, because storing credit cards during a flight doesn’t sound like something anyone would want to do.

look: Everyone hates this seat on the plane!

There is no end to negative feedback and comments. While the situation in question concerns the United States, on-board sales also take place in Europe. Meals, snacks and drinks are one thing, What about scratch cards? These are well known to Ryanair passengers. You can win various prizes, and your purchase supports charities.

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