Electricity prices.  Electricity meters, replaced since 2023 - Peter Dziadzio, Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment, explains

In 2023, the public assembly of the so-called smart electricity meters will begin. This is the result of the so-called law of the counter. The entire procedure is scheduled to be completed in 2030, the cost of the project is estimated at 9 billion PLN. Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment Peter Dziadzio said that the exchange will be distributed over 8 years so as not to burden the budgets of electricity recipients.

Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment Piotr Dziadzio announced during the first national conference “Intelligence in Energy”, Thursday, the launch of the Smart Energy Grids project. – Skilled management of the power grid is very important nowadays. We will deal with excess energy. The goal is to manage it in such a way that it can be stored and used for other purposes. Deputy Climate and Environment Minister Peter Dziadzio said the security and independence of the state’s energy system is at stake.

He stressed that electricity consumers will also benefit from the introduction of smart meters. – They will be able to track electricity consumption in real time, they will also be charged for the current electricity consumption, they will also be automatically debited in case of incorrect settlement, it will be possible to use a prepaid billing model, the consumption will be measured without the participation of the collector. There will also be the possibility of remote control of household appliances – count them. Smart power grids aim to promote the development of dispersed consumer energy and reduce commercial losses for electricity-producing enterprises. It was noted that the so-called mass consumers of products, such as residential communities. If they install photovoltaic systems in the house, then thanks to smart meters they will be able to internally calculate their energy consumption. This is not possible at present.

Meter replacement

The Deputy Minister added that under the so-called Electricity Meter Law, two operators have already been appointed: the Energy Market Information Operator, which is in the hands of Polskie Sieci Energetyczne and the so-called Energy Market Information System Center, which will be launched as of July 1, 2024. It concerns a law May 20, 2021 which amends the Energy Act and some other laws.

The Deputy Minister also reported that the installation of smart meters will start in 2023. Then they go to 15 percent. In 2025 to 25%, in 2027 to 65% and in 2028 to 80%. recipients. The entire replacement process will end in 2030. – This requires the introduction of modern meters into our market, and this is an opportunity for their producers – said Deputy Minister Peter Dziadzio.

The Polish Electricity Transmission and Distribution Association, in a response sent earlier by TVN24 Biznes, indicated that “while the number of customers connected to the electricity grid is currently more than 17.9 million, it can be assumed that in 2028, more than 14 million customers will be equipped with a meter reading from After (VOC)”.

Last year, we reported that operators installed about 1.5 million so-called smart electricity meters. However, this number may have changed due to the high popularity of consumer micro-installations (such as photovoltaic panels), which require the use of VOCs.

Intelligent meters, in addition to real-time telemetry, which eliminates the risk of possible reading errors, and allows, among other things, for continuous monitoring and better management of energy consumption. Recipients can perform a detailed analysis of energy consumption in specific periods: day, month or year, as well as simulate costs for individual tariff groups using selected seller prices.

– We estimate the cost of installing smart meters throughout Poland at 9 billion PLN. These estimates are preliminary, and bidding procedures will eventually show the potential for prices for the meters themselves, but also for IT systems, said Robert Zasina, president of the Polish Electricity Transmission and Distribution Association.

The tenders are being conducted by five large energy companies. President Zasina added that they are in different stages of progress. “Some companies have already launched them, others are preparing documentation and these tenders will be put out respectively,” Zasina said. Energa Operator notified in September 2021It has signed contracts to purchase nearly 500,000 devices.

Deputy Minister Dziadzio noted that in a sector where investments are very large and capital-intensive, costs are distributed over time, which ensures social acceptance. – Together with the Energy Regulatory Office, we are talking to the Ministry of Finance and Regional Policy so that this project will not only pass directly to the tariff, but also to customers, but also find the possibility of financing, among other things, from EU subsidies. We have such information and are preparing to rationally use the co-financing, Piotr Dziadzio reported.

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