'Prince': Helen Mirren and Jim Broadbent are delighted with this film

Let’s face it: England in the 1960s wasn’t a place for seniors who had a hard time finding work at the time. It might still be possible to find a job in London, but the small town atmosphere in places like Newcastle was not so conducive to living a decent life. At the time, it was a pity (half joking) that Great Britain had not lost the war fifteen years earlier.

The main character in the biography came from Newcastle “Prince”Kempton Bunton, about sixty years old (Jim Broadbent), which was not entirely successful in life. This does not change the fact that it was he who became famous for the audacious theft of Francisco Goya’s painting “Portrait of Prince Wellington” from the National Gallery in London.

Bunton earned about £8 a week as a taxi driver. It was a small amount at the time, and it wasn’t for his wife Dorothy’s business (Helen Mirren), they won’t really be able to buy basic foods. In theory, the guy has a happy family, but he doesn’t do well there either. Dorothy can’t forgive his tragic “mistake” in the past. He appears to be in great contact with one of the sons, but the other is seen as a local thief.

No wonder Bunton is frustrated with his life. Is there anything stopping him from owning the painting that the government bought for £140,000? no! So, in the first minute of the movie, we see the hero in the courtroom, waiting to be judged for his crazy prank. But maybe this whole story has a bottom line? After all, right from the start, Jim Broadbent’s character says, “I’m innocent, Your Honor!” It is also hard to believe that the sick old man managed to break into the guarded facility. strong point “Prince” Is the fact that not everything is black and white.

althoug “Prince” It is being promoted as a film about the daring attack on the National Gallery in London, far from the classic noir atmosphere “Mona Lizzie”or movie theaters Guy Ritchie. This is not a traditional “robbery movie”. After all, this photo was taken by Roger Michel, and this is the director responsible for films like “Notting Hill” And “A missed opportunity this weekend”. We can trust him easily – after all, we’re dealing with a specialist in comedic micro-dramas. The theft of the photo is only an excuse to tell the story of a man who – he admits at one point – “wanted to do only good since his childhood”.

Slowly flowing, Michelle’s film introduces the viewer to the struggles of the heroes and their daily lives in Newcastle. Only after some time “Prince” The hoof begins with an attractive, albeit unusual, court plot. A plot in which the main drama is pushed back to the background to give some space for comic dialogue.

at “Prince” There is an unwritten rule that works: When the script is sick, the actor will help. Some threads will probably be shortened by some scenes. On the other hand, every minute is the screen time Broadbent and Mirren can triumph in acting. They build their cinematic marriage on the basis of contrast: they differ in characters (heat and cold), and they have different political views and ideas of life. Mr. Bunton is a dreamer and Mrs. Bunton is a flesh-and-blood pragmatist. These extreme differences lead to many comical situations.

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