June 8, 2023


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Classic family movies that could scare you in your childhood

ET emerged from the jungles, the dying crew at Titanic or Jurassic Park and the man-eating dinosaurs. Even the films that young viewers are allowed to watch often contain elements that terrified us in our childhood. To this you can add a lot of examples, such as the melting faces of Indiana Jones or the dreaded Gremlins from the screen.

The question often arises about which films are generally perceived as being family-oriented, but still containing scary moments or elements for us. So much so that we still remember the feelings that certain movies and scenes evoked in our childhood. Among the examples, one can certainly mention Gollum z Lord of the ringsa doctor was killed by a stranger in Independence DayEven the way Jack Skellington moves in the movie Nightmare Before Christmas. Surely you also have movies from childhood that didn’t necessarily make a good impression on you, yet our parents convinced us to keep watching, because it’s a movie for everyone. Learn about examples of this type of production that often appear on the Web and selected by our editorial office.

Family movies that may have been terrifying in childhood

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